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5 Fashion Trends to Take Your 2021 from Not to Hot

We all love fighting fascism, but what we need is to look good doing it.

This year is going to be super important if we're going to stomp out fascism, and we here at FlappFeedz (I think that's the new branding), are here to get you looking your best while you get ready to don you Nike shoes, Supreme Hoodie,and Northface backpack while getting vital refreshments from Coca-Cola and bail funds from Hollywood's most oppressed celebrities!

Look One: Bubblegum Pixie

Nothing quite says "fighting systemic oppression" like some bouncy, pink streaks. Here we see Karen with some extra bounce in her locks.

And just look at how they stand out with her "no-makeup" ensemble. Very cosmo, young lady!

You can pick up fun, funky colors like this at any drug store, but she used "Droopy by Roots" for these Matisse highlights!

Look Two: The Inverted Rooster

Woah-hoah! Look at this belle of the ball!

Random swathes of missing hair aren't just for unfortunate Barbie dolls anymore. In 2021, zig-zag isn't just a movement pattern, it's instructions for your barber, too!

Here we see Karen with a look we're calling "inverted rooster" that goes great with her side-of-head-tattoo. Who knows? Maybe she'll tattoo some cool tire marks in that stylish trough.

Gay Pairee indeed! The sky is the limit in 2021.

Style 3: The Rainbow Bright

Woah, is that Ginger Rogers?!

Nope! It's just Sean, showing us the hippest in Anti-Fascist-War-Paint this year.

Color blends will be all the rage in 2021, and you'll want something that's strong enough to hold up for when the pigs arrest you just because you screamed about systemic oppression in that baby's face. Baby has learn, and you have to stay fabulous.

Thankfully, you can now take care of all your problems with the new "Trifecta" line of eye shadow and eyeliners, from Horus.

Also note Sean's fuchsia lips. Always pair a good dark lipstick, that way your Black Bloc Leader knows which Johns to track down, and how to spot them, if need be.

Style 4: The Shark

Surf's up, brohams!

Check out this chic style for men on Sean!

That's a strong, pronounced dorsal fin, which is all the rage when fighting The Man, and finding a mate. It also helps accentuate the forehead and giant saucer eyes. Big foreheads and giant saucer eyes are not only all the rage in 2021, but they're also the preferred look of Moloch.

Unfortunately, you can't get that bluish greenish hair color just anywhere. You need to fall into a chemical vat at ACME for those luscious locks!

Style 5: The Amazonian

Here, we see Karen sporting what are vaguely tribal tattoos and piercings. These are all the rage. The more holes you put into your head, the more anti-racist you are. You wouldn't want to be racist, would you?

Have a safe and festive riot season!


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