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What The Fuck Is Nero Talking About?

Yesterday morning Nero took a swan dive off the nearest cliff into the nerd pool.

Dude. What?

Not a clue.

So I had to google this because I had no idea what is going on. It's Star Wars. Nero is trying to get leadership from a long long time ago in a galaxy far away.

Preach, Lisa.

Nero who has now completely sunk into his brain (G-d help us all) asks all the tough questions.

What?!? So this is like an evil character.... Dammit, Nero.

Face. Palm. This nerd doesn't even have anything helpful to say, but does anyone?

Well, this conversation finally makes sense.

I am beginning to actually be interested in this conversation.

AAAAAND I'm out. This is why girls don't become astronauts. Can we just summarize this for those of us who have lives?

You're welcome. I just saved you hours of watching Star Wars in just one efficient tweet. Stay tuned for future things that Nero is talking about that no one understands.


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