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What is a "Hash Tag" and Where Can I Buy One?

Dear Readers,

In an effort to promote my recent Good Thing, Bad Thing lecture, it has been suggested that I procure something called a “hash tag”. If any of the reading public knows what this is or (even better) knows where they may be purchased, I’d be very much obliged.

I prefer such information in writing, which you may transmit to me electronically in email form. I am not sure what my exact email address is - since my internet program remembers it for me - but I will ask Juan from the Geek Squad if he knows. He has helped me before.

In addition, please inform me if a hash tag is affiliated in any way with social media – or as I call it, “socialism”-media – since I have no desire to participate in such balderdash. Some years ago, my grandsons put a photograph of mine on the Face Book, and though I immediately demanded they take it down, I suspect they haven’t listened.

There is also a rumor going around that I will shortly be joining the Twitter. Allow me to squash this vile lie in its tracks. As I told Gladys last night, you can’t spell “twitter” without “twit”. We had a good laugh about that. At least, I had a good laugh about that.

Anyhow, in case there is further interest, I have decided to try a second column in my weekly historical series Good Thing, Bad Thing. It should be finished as soon as my printer is repaired and I can proofread it. I’m still unconvinced this is the correct publication for my work, but it has been uncommonly difficult finding any more reputable parties.


James O’Flannery

P.S. Normally I would ask my grandson about this, but I recently upbraided his father for failing to sufficiently swat him in his youth, and now I’m not allowed to visit.


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