WATCH: Thomas Sowell Remix

Help! My grandson is out of control!

At first, I thought his new-fangled techno-wizardry would allow me to spice up my periodic columns and Good Thing, Bad Thing lectures. But that unbelievable brat! He’s gone ahead and made a crude “hype” video about the inestimable Thomas Sowell. Not only that, he somehow managed to post it without my knowledge!

I don’t know how to remove this farcical balderdash, so I suppose you’ll have to watch and judge for yourselves. Please refer to my commentary below if you desire to make any sense of it.

As stated, it is my fervent wish that this coarse garbage be immediately (and permanently) deleted from the internet. If anyone can assist me with this, please reply to me in electronic form. (I have been advised to no longer issue my mailing address over the computer.)

In the meantime, I will try to provide some context. Dr Thomas Sowell is a true American original, a brilliant economist and currently a fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford. He is the author of well over a dozen books, many of which critique the public policy initiatives of the last 90 years.

I am proud to report that I own (and have read) three of these books: Basic Economics, Discrimination and Disparities, and The Vision of the Anointed. The latter I have just finished and what an eye-opener that was. Though written in 1995, it describes a mindset that largely prevails today - that of the "savior" who seeks to dispense "cosmic justice" through legal and extra-legal means.

According to Dr Sowell, these endeavors have largely resulted in worse outcomes for the intended beneficiaries, and yet the absence of effective feedback to the "anointed ones" - given the ubiquity of the faith amid academic and bureaucratic milieus - have blinded them from comprehending the full enormity of their failures.

It is a fascinating read and I highly recommend it. If just one of you learns to admire this great man, as I have, then I suppose this sophomoric gutter-mouthed video was not in vain.


James O'Flannery