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WATCH: A GTBT Special Announcement

Attention regular readers of Good Thing, Bad Thing!

I have a special announcement!

In order to reach a wider audience (and spend less time around the wife), from henceforth all Good Thing, Bad Thing lectures will be moving to a brand-new “internet video” format.

Of course, this necessarily entails far more work for your humble author, so don't expect a spiffy new lecture every week (or every month, for that matter). Maybe you’ll get three a year. I dunno. We’ll see how this goes. Frankly, you smart-not!-phone degenerates should count yourself lucky I condescend to shower any wisdom on you at all.

With all that said, please watch my upcoming Good Thing, Bad Thing video lecture! And also be sure to mention and promote it on as many different platforms as humanly possible. Below you will find a teaser for the first in the series: The French Revolution – Good Thing, Bad Thing?


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