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Virginia Activists Get Tiki Torched

If you had better things to do today, I'll do my best to catch you up on what transpired in Virigina this morning and then online the remainder of the day.

Long story short, some journo posted THIS tweet alleging that five tiki-torch wielding people were chanting "we're all in for Glenn" while standing in front of the bus of the Republican nominee for Governor, Glenn Youngkin:

So they're brandishing the same tiki torches that the Neo-Nazis carried in 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia and they're dressed in preppy clothing, much like Glenn Youngkin often wears. So we're led to believe that these people are Nazis and they support Youngkin, right?

That means Youngkin, who just coincidentally surged 8 points ahead of Terry McAuliffe in yesterday's Fox News Poll, is of course the Nazi's choice for governor, right?

Glenn Youngkin is basically Hitler, right?

Except it took all of about 30 seconds for nearly EVERY person on the right side of Twitter to call this photo out for what it appears to be - a tactical smear of Glenn Youngkin perpetuated against him by people who are probably not Glenn Youngkin supporters.

Now here is the important disclaimer part - I don't know who did this, I don't know if they're ACTUAL Nazis, I don't know if they're Democrats or progressive activists.

The story is still developing, but . . . I don't know a whole lot of neo-Nazis that look like these two:

It sure as hell seems sketchy that a day after Youngkin surged in the polls, the neo-Nazi contingent of his voting base felt so empowered that they had to make a show of solidarity in front of his campaign bus, where they took ZERO questions and only two photos of them were taken.

It sure as hell seems like this was a coordinated hit job trying to tie nerdy suburban dad, Glenn Youngkin, to an event that probably still haunts most Virginians.

It sure as hell seems like they want Virginia voters to see that photo and believe that a vote for Glenn Youngkin is a vote for Donald Trump, when it's probably closer to a vote for. . . Mitt Romney.

Conservative (or right-leaning) twitter users, most notably @alec_sears, have spent the day trying to identify who the five people in the photo (I'm not going to share any online sleuthing here, you can search it out for yourself).

You know who hasn't spent the day trying to identify these people? The same people who have made a cottage industry out of doxxing people who make "hurtful memes".

Yeah, the most damning evidence in favor of this photo being a stunt pulled by democratic activists is that journos haven't been trying to expose their real names and where they work.

When an event like this takes place, hilarious memes are sure to follow and follow they did. Let's close out the week by checking out some of the best "this sure feels like a fucking false flag operation against Glenn Youngkin" memes:

Yeah, this one was mine and it's fucking funny so I am sharing it - you got a problem with that?

Remind me, was Ralph Northam the guy in the Klan hood or the guy in black face?

Black face guy, then. Gotcha.

Chappelle is so topical these days.

Tiki Terry.

Yeah, that feels about right.

If you live in Virginia, go vote for the guy who doesn't pull these stunts. Let's hope Glenn Youngkin wins next Tuesday, makes them cry and then makes them pay.

Have a great weekend and God Bless America.

UPDATE: As I was finishing the blog, the Lincoln Project claimed responsibility for this stunt, fuck this - I'm not re-writing the whole thing. Fuck my life. Fuck the Lincoln Project. What a bunch of pedophile enabling cunts. Fucking fuck fuck fuck.


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