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The Indulgence of the Left

Last week was a week that should have been an easy victory for the left. People on both sides of the aisle were horrified to see the Capital building breached by fringe Trump supporters. First, the whole country is in a state of frazzled, unraveling nervousness. Second, you have a dominant corporate media that has been pushing the narrative that riots are protests and that those involved are fighting for justice. Third, every movement has its shares of crazy people and the conservative movement is no different. You combine all three of those on top of Trump still claiming the election was stolen and it’s really no surprise what happened – happened.

This would have been the perfect situation for Democrats to be the calm soothers that whispered to the American public “It’s ok. We’re here. We’re the party of adults and we’re running things now.” They could have showed grace and compassion by condemning Trump while making clear that they know that what happened doesn’t represent all of the people that had supported him. That’s all they had to do to woo back some of the 11 million more people that voted for Trump in 2020 over 2016. That’s all they had to do keep the white suburbanites that came out in force and voted for Joe Biden happy. Instead, they exposed themselves as the authoritarian, dystopian, race-baiting nightmares that they really are.

Our president-elect led the charge to further divide the nation based solely on skin color and no that's not a typo or an exaggeration. After empty platitudes about “unity” and “healing”, he dove right into Ol’ Joe’s trademark racial politics by bizarrely claiming that had it been BLM protesters that stormed the capital they would “have been treated very, very differently.” Never mind that almost all the BLM riots are mostly white people or that the riots over the summer went on nightly for months on end and spread to multiple cities and contained widespread violence or that they caused over 1 billion dollars in economic damage. Oh no – every one of the Capital Police are racists only there to protect the patriarchy and white supremacy. The man that claimed to black people that Mitt Romney “would put y’all back in chains” or that if you didn’t vote for him “you weren’t black” just can’t help but inflame racial tensions.

But Ol’ Joe couldn’t be stopped there. To drive home how bad the opposition to his party is he decided to liken Ted Cruz to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels for having the audacity to question election fraud and not want to certify electors. It’s not important that Democrats have objected to certifying electors in 2001, 2005, and 2016. When someone from the right does it that person is a Nazi that’s destroying democracy. When Cruz condemned the violence at the Capital the response from the New Left was not solidarity in condemnation of violent extremists but to accuse Senator Cruz and Senator Hawley of being directly responsible for the violence and demanding their resignations. In news media, summer rioters trying to burn down police stations were “protesters”. The people that swarmed the Capital were “domestic terrorists”.

Last week also displayed in the most brazen fashion just how authoritarian and anti-free speech the New Left is. Trump was permanently banned from Twitter and temporarily banned from Facebook, and Snapchat under the ridiculous premise that further messages from him would incite further violence. That didn’t make Michelle Obama happy, though. She called for a permanent ban on all platforms for Trump.

Not to be outdone, the New Left decided to further broaden the culture war. The banning of Trump was not enough for them. They needed to control the speech of the right in broader measures. They decided in a coordinated attempt to aggressively counter free speech by attacking Parler – a Twitter clone site popular with conservatives. Apple said they wouldn’t carry the app in their app store if Parler didn’t moderate their content. Google quickly followed. Finally, Amazon stated they wouldn’t host Parler on their servers. At this point, Parler is most likely dead. Big Tech showing us how dystopian and authoritarian they really are is fitting considering Simon & Schuster had canceled Senator Hawley’s book "The Tyranny Of Big Tech".

I don’t know who’s calling for “healing and unity” with the New Left. I’m not unifying with anti-free speech leftists that want to control what you can read, say, or think. I’m not going to accept that race-baiting and Nazi comparisons should be a part of our political discourse. I won’t make peace with these people. These actions show the New Left thinks they are coming from a position of power. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. True power would be the majority of people accepting their ideology – not squashing out ideas by killing off a conservative website and permanently banning conservatives from social media. We’ve been steadily seeing classical liberals turning on the New Left as they further push despotism and groupthink. The people that make up this anti-American New Left are not the majority.

Frankly, it’s sad to see Democrats embrace this New Left. It’s going to backfire. Classical liberalism was all about freedom of speech. Freedom of thought. The New Left doesn’t stand for these principles. It’s going to be countered as more people that truly value free speech are repulsed by these overly aggressive tactics to silence their fellow citizens. Last week could have been an easy win for Democrats after the awful events of January 6th. Instead, it only hardened my resolve against them. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.


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