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UPDATED: The Flappr Community's Final Final FINAL Election Predictions!

We asked you to submit your final predictions for Tuesday's Presidential Election and you delivered. Here is how the Flappr community thinks the election will shake out:

A man against ropes (@BanRopes)


Shelz, the Flappr Fan Club President (@ShelzbelzTx)


Byrns, resident member of @Burnout1850's "Goon Squad" (@itbyrns)


Dan Stringer, resident syrup-drinking Canadian and SEC Pimp (@DanStringer74)


John Rigolizzo, the easiest twitter handle I had to remember (@JohnRigolizzo)


Texas Jayhawk, meme artisan, who says "book it" on his prediction (@MikeJohnson71TC)


ebeth360, the Den Mother to ALLLL Minions far and wide (@ebeth360)


Jet Thevenot (@Dragonsjet)


The Drunk Republican, master of all drunk republican takes (@DrunkRepub)


Kyle, Co-Host of the Article III Cast (listen here) (@703Kyle)




Caesar Pounce (@caeser_pounce)


Reaper of the Libs (@ReaperLibs)








Confirmed Miscer (@ManDaveJobGood)




Sarah, one of the TRUE OG Flappr fans (@Sarah29469152)



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