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REVIEW: Cuckold Simulator, the Greatest Video Game Ever?

I found a game on Steam the other day that made me burst out laughing. Only $1.99, I went ahead and bought that bad boy and started playing. Behold the sheer genius of “CUCKOLD SIMULATOR: Life as a Beta Male Cuck”.

In the game, you play as Cuckold (that’s actually his name). Cuckold thinks his life is great. He’s got a fat wife that demeans and belittles him any time she can. When Cuckold gets uppity, his wife refuses to watch as the bull (her lover) makes love to her. The Bull then physically threatens Cuckold and makes Cuckold give him all his money. This is all very acceptable to Cuckold.

Here is a clip of some live game play:

Cuckold works at GloboCorp with a bunch of co-workers with the same gray NPC face and boy does he get yelled at if he’s even a few seconds late! However, he’s more than happy to make up for it by being more productive or taking a pay cut since he knows how important it is for him to keep GloboCorp happy! He works from his Wage Cage 9000. He’s got to have money to pay for his house and to give money to the bull. Oh, he also has a sweet car with a Biden / Harris bumper sticker and his very own vanity plate.

Is it any surprise he lives in California?

Cuckold fully embraces the Cuck-lifestyle, scrolling through Reddit after work (a really cool feature that allows you to up the real, live, version of Reddit, in-game).

He also has a collection of toys that his “son” Tyrone lost for a Tik-Tok prank and you need to recover those as you go around the town. He also loves to play his Wintendo Switch with games like “Cuck Souls” (a play on the title of a popular game called “Dark Souls”).

Cuckold has two children that he’s emotionally attached to, but that are not biologically his own (despite what Cuckold himself believes). The older child tells him all the time that Cuckold isn’t his father all the time and calls him a bitch but that just makes Cuckold think he needs to work harder to get the kid to open up to him.

Still, cuckold is happy and thinks he’s got such a great family life.

What. A. Game.

They really nailed the cuck life here. See what life is really like for male feminists and other weirdos on the left.

The game is currently only in "early release" and is remains unfinished, but I strongly recommend that you support independent, shit-posting game devs and buy this game. Hell, spend an extra 99 cents and get Cuckold his very own COVID mask to cover his non-existent chin.


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