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Professor Nero Presents: Civics 101

As a nation we’re fucked. There is no easy way to put it, we're fucked. I am not sure there is anything we can do to reverse the royal fucking we are receiving as a nation and since I whole heartedly believe civilization was mistake I am fine with it. That said I am here to tell you all why we are fucked and how we can be unfucked. Not that anyone will listen so lube up this is going to be the fucking of a lifetime.

The biggest culprit in our royal fucking is the education system. Now I know it is chique to bang on the education system from the right, justifiably so mind you, but this is not the usual attack on the education system from the right. Where the education system has failed the nation is in its inability to properly educate citizens as to how the United States Government functions. This is why so many have no idea about why there is a Senate, an Electoral College, or that each state is a sovereign nation in and of itself. So let's start with the basics of American Government

The entire idea behind the Federalist Republic that was founded in the late 18th Century was that the more localized the government the better it could serve the needs of the people it represented. This is why state’s rights were so important. The idea that the people of Connecticut could tell the people of South Carolina what to do was seen as the most absurd concept by the founders. This was why in order to get the 13 separate nations to agree to live in a Union the powers of the Federal government were to be extremely limited and, here’s where it gets to be a mind fuck for many, two thirds of the bodies elected representatives were to be elected by the states.

You read that correctly. Regardless of what any lefty memes may say land does vote. What this really means is that what many of those in the country think about representation is false. This is the crux of the problem we have in this country. Because our citizens have no clue about how our government works they spend way too much time and energy on worrying about who is President. Let me make this abundantly clear:

The President is the Chief Executive Officer selected by the majority of the several states to oversee the operation of the Federal Government. The truth is that the electors for President should be selected by the state legislature rather than by a vote of the citizens. By allowing the citizenry to “vote for President” (they don’t really vote for President though) it creates confusion as to what the role of the office of the President is.

Now let’s talk about the Senate. The Senate was designed to be a legislative body that’s primary function was to keep the House of Representatives in line. So when people complain about Cocaine Mitch holding up legislation from the House they are in fact complaining about him doing his job.

Each Senator represents the interests of the state from which they come. Again they do not represent the people of the state but the sovereign state. There is only one part of the Federal government that is to represent the people. That is the House of Representin' or the people’s house. The member of Congress that represents your district is the only elected official in the federal government who represents you and most studies show that barely a third of the nation can name their member of congress.

This is why we are fucked. We have a representative republic and most people have no idea who their representative is, which is bad enough but they also expect the President, a person who was never intended to represent the “will of the people” to represent them. Unless somehow people can reprogram themselves to care more about their congressional representation than the President and even more importantly learn to accept that the governing that actually impacts them is way more localized we will continue on this bigly decline into absurdity and eventually total collapse. I of course welcome total collapse but the question is do you?


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