On "Lurching Towards Extremism"

Before I launch this rocket, I should tell you that I am an unapologetic supporter of Donald J. Trump who doesn't support Qanon or Captiol riots or Capitol rioters, but does despise the political establishment that poisons both sides of our duopoly of failure that is the Democrat and Republican parties. So yeah, I have a bias here and I think you should know that before considering my opinion. Seems only fair, right?


Now on to the subject at hand.

A February 4th CNN article by Stephen Collinson stated “House Republicans have sent their party lurching further down the road to extremism.” The article praised GOP establishment darling Liz Cheney for supporting the 2nd impeachment of Trump while shaming Georgia Rep. and Qanon subscriber Marjory Taylor Greene. On his first day as President, Greene filed articles of impeachment against Biden, a move which was both premature and ill advised.

I know very little about Greene. I don't give a particular fuck about Greene. But the media sure does because they want to paint her as the face of Republican Party for the next two years. So even though Marjorie Taylor Greene is a back-bench, freshman congresswoman, she is going to be used by the media as an argument that anything Republicans want is "extreme" and unworthy of consideration. This isn't an accident, this is intentional and you'll see it more and more as CNN and MSNBC cover MTG more than they cover COVID in the days and weeks to come.

This is more than just bad faith, it's particularly troublesome because the media highlights Greene while refusing to highlight the "extremists" within the Democrat party. So when people like Stephen Collinson talk about the GOP “lurching towards extremism”, it always sends up the wall because evidence clearly suggests otherwise.


During my lifetime, I’ve personally witnessed the GOP become more accepting of homosexual Americans. After 4 years of Trump, gay Americans can still marry and pursue happiness. Mike Pence’s electro therapy conversion camps never came to fruition. Under Trump, I felt the GOP outreach to voters of color was genuine and sincere. As a result Trump did better with gay voters and voters of color in 2020 than any modern day conservative has. The only thing I saw that was ‘extreme’ was Trump’s hatred for the media AND I LOVED IT (for obvious reasons).

Conversely, let’s look at the truly extremist positions Mr. Collinson intentionally avoids. (Yes, I just assumed his gender.)

The left seems perfectly content with letting people who were born biologically male compete against people who were born biologically female in women’s sports. I support transgendered American’s pursuit of happiness. I don’t know what the answer to this dilemma is, but allowing men who have transitioned to female to compete in physical contests against natural born females is wrong and dare I say... extreme?

Yeah, this looks fair.

The left has their sites set on abolishing the electoral college. The same electoral college that Barrack Obama legitimately won twice is now deemed ‘racist’ and a tool of the left’s biggest boogeyman ‘systemic white supremacy.’ A few days prior to the 2016 election, an uber liberal college president on my Facebook feed shared a Prager U video explaining why the electoral college was so important. He did this while being certain Hillary Clinton was going to coast to a smooth victory over Trump. I recently asked that college President if he still felt the same way about the electoral college and received no response from him. Simply put, wanting to amend the constitution to abolish the electoral college is extreme.

Joe Biden has officially put a committee together to explore whether or not they should add more justices to the federal courts after someone who did not belong to the ruling elite club got to nominate three justices in 4 years. The aim of this "committee" is to attempt to give leftist arguments in favor of adding SCOTUS justices, so they can ram through legislation without fear that a conservative supreme court slapping those laws down as unconstitutional. THIS IS CALLED COURT PACKING AND ITS EXTREME! Anyone who knows anything about politics knew the imminent SCOTUS appointments were what mattered most about the 2016 election. So instead of winning the elections that mattered most, the Dems want to change the rules of the game.

I could easily ramble on about how the left is “lurching towards the extreme” because it is a target rich environment (Critical Race Theory, the Green New Deal, Bailing Out Criminals during the George Floyd Protests, Nuking the Filibuster, Having Sex with Chinese Fuck Spies, Saying Fellow Congressman Tried to Murder You), but it's Friday and you don't need any more anxiety right before the weekend.

So, yes, Rep. Greene believes some kooky Qanon shit. Yes, Colorado’s Lauren Boebert is quite passionate about gun ownership. But so what? They are two Congresswomen in party moving to the center as fast as the left is moving off a cliff towards identity-based socialism. When you see the media focus on the loonies in the GOP, remember what really matters - the platform, the policies, the things that actual Republicans cast actual votes on - none of which, in my opinion, are all that extreme.

You should also apply that same standard to the Democrat platform, policies & the things that the actual Democrats cast actual actual votes on - and when you do, I think you'll see which party is "lurching towards extremism."