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No, Kamala Harris is NOT a 'Pragmatic Moderate'

Kamala Harris is a lot of things - she's only the second African-American female senator, the first Indian-American Senator, she was the first African-American, Asian-American and first woman to serve as Attorney General for the State of California. She appears adept at passing a golf-ball through a garden hose using only her mouth (God, please forgive me). She is a mother and wife and I'm sure if you got a chance to know her, she's probably not the worst person in the world.

What she's not - as the New York Times would like you to believe - is a "pragmatic moderate".

Now, before I get into the meat of this essay - I want to make clear that you should vote for whomever you want. We obviously have a conservative slant at this website, we embrace that - clearly. That being said, I speak for the contributors here that - you shouldn't take our word as gospel, you should go forth and do your own research and come to your own conclusions. If you determine that Biden/Harris 2020 is the right choice for you, god bless.

What I cannot abide is the media fucking lying and spitting in your face, my face and America's face. Kamala Harris is NOT a moderate. She is NOT pragmatic. Her policy stances make her the MOST progressive (see, dictatorial) individual to ever be nominated for President or Vice President. DO NOT LET ANYONE tell you that she is a "moderate" because moderates do not want to abolish private health insurance for 100 million plus Americans in favor of Medicare for All. DO NOT LET ANYONE tell you that she is "pragmatic" because it's not pragmatic to advocate for the banning of off-shore drilling, fracking and destruction of the energy industry.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, hey this Bartleby dude is basing all this "pragmatic moderate" stuff on one tweet from the New York Times. Well, let me tell you something about today's left-leaning media - it sure seems like they talk amongst themselves. This stuff is always coordinated - they come up with a narrative and then all of them basically push slight variations of the same message.

Want proof? Let's investigate.

Here is CNBC's take on the Kamala Harris pick:

"Widely considered a moderate Democrat" - by who? Chairman Mao?
"Widely considered a moderate Democrat" - by who? Chairman Mao? Stalin? AOC?

If you think that these are bad, let's see what WaPo's take on Harris looked like:

Holy shit, did you catch that one, folks? She's a conservative! So if you're a conservative - you can rest assured that a vote for Biden-Harris is a vote for "small-c conservatism". That might be the most ridiculous take I've ever seen - and I am old enough to remember when Kamala Harris called Joe Biden a racist because he opposed an unpopular busing plan back in the 70s.

So now that we understand the media narrative, let's see why it is pure, unadulterated, GRADE-A, bullshit.

Let's first look at some of the positions she took during her presidential campaign:

1) eliminate private health insurance (she later backtracked off this position, which - cool - but that just makes her a liar).

2) taxpayer funded health insurance and schooling for non-citizens.

decriminalizing illegal entry to the country.

3) an assault weapons ban and use of executive orders to impose strict gun laws in the event congress failed to pass her agenda.

4) banning fracking - the primary reason why America is basically energy independent and the biggest exporter in the world. This would also result in the destruction of the energy industry and the loss of countless jobs.

There are many more, but I think this is a good representative list of her "pragmatic moderate" chops.

So where does this pragmatic moderate Senator ideologically stand in comparison to her colleagues in the Senate? Well, according to GovTrack, a nonpartisan organization that researches legislative data, she was the “most liberal senator” in 2019. More left than our crazy socialist uncle, Bernie Sanders:

Likewise, GovTrack publishes a chart that plots out where all members of the Senate align on an ideology axis, you'd assume the "pragmatic moderate" would fall somewhere in the middle, right?


So this is a long way of saying, don't believe what our media "betters" tell you. This woman is NOT a moderate, a centrist nor pragmatic. She is a progressive and an unabashed one at that. Know who you are voting for, what that vote will mean if Biden/Harris win. Based on the data and Kamala's own words - it will be a vote for some pretty aggressive liberal policies.

Decide for yourself.

Have a wonderful weekend.

God Bless America.


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