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Memeing Breakfast Taco Jill Biden

It's been quite a week for the Biden family.

Between Joe reading stage directions off the teleprompter, the NYT publishing devastating new polling (33% approval rating) and Hunter's dong flopping around all over the internet - it didn't seem like things good get much worse for the First Family.

Then Jill said "hold my cerveza" and stepped onto the stage at something called a "Latinx IncluXion Luncheon" as part of the 2022 UnidosUS Annual Conference.

And well, , , , take it away, Mrs. B:

"As distinct as the bow-ged-ahs of the Bronx".

"As unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio"

Not to be unexpected, Dr. Jill was dragged pretty mercilessly online for her mispronunciation and for comparing Hispanics to . . . tacos.

There's a lot to unpack here.

First off, what is it with this family being unable to read from a teleprompter? Did she think it said "Bogotá", as in the capitol of Colombia? I mean, how white and wealthy do you have to be to see the word "bodega" and pronounce it as "bo-ged-ah"? Now, Bodegas are gross and way overrated by people who live in that shithole along the Hudson, but at minimum . . . you can pronounce the word right.

Next - let's talk about Breakfast Taco Gate.

Here's a hot take - I don't think what Jill Biden said here was offensive! There is nothing inherently racist or wrong about comparing a diverse group of people to a dish often associated with their culture to illustrate how. . . diverse they are!

Perhaps I'm being overly generous here, but I don't believe that Jill Biden was trying to reduce Latinos to tacos in any negative way. Besides, breakfast tacos are amazing! I posit that anyone claiming to be offended by this are incredibly too sensitive, acting in bad faith and/or concern trolling (this is us). In fact, I posit that the most offensive thing Jill Biden did yesterday was speak at an event called the "Latinx IncluXion Luncheon", given that only 4% of Latinos use the term Latinx and many say the term offends them!

Unfortunately for Dr. J, this choice of phrase falls directly within the "we're applying your side's rules against you" paradigm, wherein any association of a minority group to something regularly connected with said group is somehow . . . racist. The RW has become very adept at using this tactic and yesterday was a prime example of "conservatives pounce" on a libtard misstep.

Yes, this is fair game because we know what the reaction would've been if Melania Trump compared the Latino community to tacos. I hate that the discourse has sunk this low. I don't want society to view such a statement as worthy of condemnation, but we're victims of circumstance and we're using the tools at our disposal to push back against the entirety of the Cathedral.

Yet, we do live in such a society, built by people like Jill Biden or whom support Jill Biden.

So without further ado, here are some of the best memes from yesterday's Breakfast Taco Biden Bonanza:

The best memes are often the simplest memes.

The best memes are often the simplest memes (x2).

I mean, Choco Tacos are kind of proof of how diverse tacos can be.

No, they're NOT tacos! They're people!

A re-work of the classic.

Can't help it, I love Better Call Saul.

"No, no soy un taco"

If you're getting dunked on by Little Marco, you know you had a bad day.

No, they're NOT tacos! They're people (x2)!

I honestly wish they'd run this . . . it would've been so epic.

What's up next for the First Lady? Let's see, today she's supposed to visit the Library of Congress with Beatriz G. Muller . . . the First Lady of Mexico.

Oh Lord, please Jill . . . don't start a war with Mexico! No taco references!

Happy Tuesday and God Bless America.


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