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Mask Me, Daddy - A New Flappr eBook Adventure

So you've probably been seeing us tweet about a new eBook from our audacious octogenarian, Professor James O'Flannery.

Well it's here. So, Flappr Publishing is somewhat proud (and a tad horrified) to present: Mask Me, Daddy. Written by: Professor James O'Flannery, Edited by: ElderBartleby. The book, is available on the WattPad app (download details below), but you can also just read it on by clicking here. No matter HOW you read the book, we do want you use a feature on WattPad that allows you to comment on passages throughout the book:

click the little comment box circled in red and drop funny comments for us!

This story is pretty dark, absurd, weird and provides the reader with a satirical look at how folks on the left are so obedient and subservient to the "follow the science" directive. It's meant to be IRONIC - we are not endorsing these positions! I don't like having to explain that, but I also don't want to read confused comments later either.

Thankfully, we're providing you this eBook for free. Why? Mainly because who the hell would pay for this dreck, but also because we so appreciate how you people come to this website, read our stories, join our Discord chats, reply to our tweets, like our Instagram posts and comment on our Facebook page. It would all be impossible and pointless without you, our dear reader. So go read Mask Me, Daddy and let us know your thoughts.


How to read The Fast and the Festive, A Fast & Furious Christmas Story: 1) download the WattPad App (available on Android and iOS), search for Flappr, find us and click to read the story. (best option). 2) click this link and then click to read to read this story on your PC. 3) click through below. (worst option).


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