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Libs Big Mad Americans are Returning to Work - Great Going President Trump (kidding but true)!

Job growth in the month of May went absolutely gangbusters adding 2.5 million jobs to the US economy with the unemployment rate dropping to 13.3 percent. Economists (among the most useless of all "experts") predicted that we would see 7.5 million jobs lost and a further surge in the unemployment rate. DOW futures exploded over 800 points pre-market on the news and maintained those levels throughout the day.

Tens of millions of Americans were forced out of work by the Chinese Wuhan Flu lockdowns. The lockdowns resulted in the unemployment rate surging as high as 14.7% last month and requiring drastic government stimulus efforts. Now, as many states begin to re-open, jobs are returning in droves and boy are the Libs unhappy about it.

Lets start with everyone's favorite Knucklehead Row (aka the Failing NYT Op-Ed Page) columnist - former Enron Advisor Paul Krugman - who immediately started pedaling conspiracy theories that the Bad Orange Man "got to" the BLS and that these numbers are actually bad news for the economy.

How many lives of brave civil servants and statisticians is Krugman putting at risk with this kind of unprecedented attack?

Shortly after the markets opened, The Chosen One - President Donald J. Trump - took to the Rose Garden to discuss the state of the economy and this incredible jobs report. The President expressed great optimism to the American people during this very trying time in the country. So what did the Left and Fake News (but I repeat myself) decide to do? Completely lie about comments the President made regarding George Floyd. Our friend AGConservative recaps the latest example of media malpractice in one of his patented liberal media takedown threads.

In case you hadn't noticed, about 90% of Trump's shtick is robust optimism and belief in the great things the American people can achieve together. And that pisses off the Leftist media sooooooooo much. Its almost like they are the Enemy of the People or something.

But its just pretty clear where the Left's priorities are and why the libs are in a panic. This suburban white woman gets it...

This well known habibi gets it too...

At the end of the day there is nothing that stops this train. Nothing.

It has been a rough few months but things are beginning to look up for the American people and that is making the Libs BIG MAD. But as a great man once very accurately stated - "Great going President Trump (kidding but true)!"

There is just so much more insanity to choose from but I think you all get the picture. Hope you enjoyed my debut on Flappr. Have a wonderful and safe weekend...and remember folks, The Best Is Yet To Come!


h/t @kbrassenstein for the cover art


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