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Keep Joe Biden Away From Kids

I'm not normally a disrespectful person. Make no mistake, I like to make jokes and my sense of humor can be described as something along the lines of "bawdy", "edgy" and/or "downright immature", but I'm generally pretty amiable to anyone and everyone I meet. I would not scream obscenities at a politician I do not agree with, even if I think progressives are insane and are ruining the country.

That being said, I would not let my children near Joe Biden. I'm not saying that to be hyperbolic, I actually mean it - I would not let them near him. It's not a political stance, it's a safety one.

In fact, under normal circumstances, regardless of party, I would never deny my children the opportunity to meet the leader of the free world and snap a photo that they'd have for the rest of their lives. But this is not a normal circumstance, Joe Biden doesn't act like a normal man, I am the primary protector of these children and I cannot ignore the insane amounts of evidence that Joe Biden is physically inappropriate with kids:

Now, I am not saying that Biden is an actual pedophile, there is no evidence of that, but Biden has shown that he does not appreciate the personal space of others.

He displayed this behavior again, yesterday, when awarding medals to police officers who were on duty during the Capitol riots back in January:

Partisan politics aside, who thinks this is an appropriate way for an old man to act towards a little girl that he does not know?

I mean, the little girl herself seems to know that what is happening is strange and out of the ordinary, inappropriate and/or just plain 'ol creepy. And it's not like Joe Biden hasn't been made aware of how his tendency to touch people is incredibly improper, he himself APOLOGIZED for this during the campaign (back when the media didn't want him as the nominee):

So, no, I don't care if this man is President of the United States. As the last and only line of defense between my kids and weird people, I would not let them near him. I'd say the same thing if Joe Biden was a Republican and I hope any of you would as well! Why would anyone want their children to be subjected to a situation where they might be made uncomfortable because an old man can't keep his hands to himself! Why would I allow someone to be close to my children when he might make them feel as anxious and awkward as the little girl seemed in the video above?

I wouldn't and I won't.

I know I often complain that Joe Biden is rarely seen and often caps his day before most Americans eat lunch. . . but it might be in everyone's best interest to keep him locked away. It will protect Americans from his unwanted touching, it will make the media, his staff and other Democrats' lives easier if they don't have to explain why Joe sniffed another kid and it will certainly protect the United States government from the embarrassment of having to explain why it's leader is so damn creepy.

What a fucking weirdo.

Happy Friday and God Bless America.


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