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Jimbo's Junk Mail

Professor James O'Flannery, the mercurial host of our popular YouTube documentary series Good Thing, Bad Thing? is a man shrouded in mystery.

He sends us his blogs via carrier pigeon.

He has a Twitter account, but refuses to use it regularly.

The rare times he allows me to submit feedback on scripts for the videos, he expects any proposed revisions to done by hand, in a red pen, using the APA stylebook format.

If I forget to follow these specific directions, he throws my suggestions in the garbage.

All of this is to say that Professor Jimbo does not interact with his audience much. My goal was to change that, so I issued a request to you, our following, to submit questions for Professor Jimbo so that he may better understand his viewers a bit better.

You submitted questions, he's answered (most of) them. He might have even answered YOUR question.

I'm hope this is something I can convince him to do on a semi-regular basis. Not every month, but, perhaps, 3-4-5 times a year.

Without further ado, I present to you, Jimbo's Junk Mail.

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22 févr. 2023

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