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Impeach The Motherf*cker

If you couldn't tell from my writing, I'm more measured than some when it comes to taking drastic action. I know my tone can be harsh, but it's (mostly) for effect - to be funny and vent some of my righteous frustration that I think might resonate with you. In other words, I wouldn't call for specific action unless I truly think it was warranted and I wouldn't think it was warranted without good reason.

So with that in mind, you read the title and you saw the cover image, echoing the words of then new congresswoman Rashida Tlaib back in 2019 . . . its time, Joe Biden should be impeached or should do the honorable thing and resign. This isn't about stopping the steal or election fraud, it's about his pathetic performance as president and his complete failure (or inability) to uphold his oath of office.

This feeling started to foment in my mind a couple weeks back, when Joe Biden who had previously acknowledged that the existing eviction moratorium had been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court and that he could not extend it by executive order, but then changed his mind and signed a new order after some lobbying by our activist corporate media.

Joe Biden knowingly signed an unconstitutional executive order, in open defiance of his constitutional authority, with the understanding that it would be struck down, but not before months and months of litigation. I'm not willing to accept any other explanation that that one, because I'm not an asshole who is willing to strain all credulity.

That decision alone was an impeachable offense.

Then Afghanistan happened and ohhh boy, has Biden exposed himself of not just being bad at the job, but being completely and utterly incapable of performing the tasks his job demands.

For example, in the immediate aftermath of Biden's catastrophic decision to pull out of Afghanistan without any pre-conditions, UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson called him, likely to try and figure out what the fuck we were going to do and probably to try and coordinate evacuation efforts. Biden's response? Well, according to the Telegraph, there was no response, not for at least 36 hours, anyway:

Waiting thirty-six hours to take a call with America's greatest ally in the wake of a huge security threat is absolutely fucking unacceptable. This was the MOST IMPORTANT THIRTY-SIX HOURS as these were the thirty-six hours when the shit was first hitting the fan, who knows what coordination could've happen (and how many lives - current and future - could've been saved) if Biden wasn't incapacitated at Camp David doing . . . whatever the fuck he was doing. If you cannot answer the phone for the leader of our best ally during a crisis that YOU created, you have not "preserved, protected and defended the Constitution of the United States".

Moreover, today marked the first time since JULY 28th that Biden took ANY questions from reporters - and they were all pre-screened. This motherfucker is so used to getting unabated cover from our corporate press that he didn't think he needed to answer ANY questions to reporters or his country. In fact, after giving brief statements earlier this week, Biden flew back to Camp David to do. . . whatever the fuck he was doing. If you cannot answer questions from the people (the corporate media are, for better or for worse, representatives of the citizenry in such circumstances) during a crisis that YOU created, you have not "preserved, protected and defended the Constitution of the United States".

When Biden did come out of hiding, he gave an interview to former Clinton White House Press Secretary, George Stephanopopopdopalous (think I spelled it right), where he spouted off this fucking brain worm salad:

No, it wasn't "4 days ago, 5 days ago" at the time, it was 2 days ago and it doesn't matter when it happened, it matters THAT IT HAPPENED and that it happened because you decided to pull troops out before pulling out civilians and other personnel. If you cannot remember what happened two days ago, if you cannot command a coherent or logical military withdrawal from a country we spent 20 years, thousands of lives and nearly two trillion dollars protecting, then you are not "faithfully executing the Office of President of the United States".

You cannot leave and isolate yourself when you're in the middle of a bad news cycle. You cannot leave American citizens to rot behind enemy lines (some have already been beaten by the Taliban, according to Defense Secretary Lloyd). You cannot lose this much money and this kind of weaponry to a regime that harbored and protected the people responsible for 9/11:

So what does this all mean? I think it means that if the GOP can manage not to completely fuck everything up (that's no sure thing) and retake the House in 2022, then new Speaker McCarthy should immediately form a committee to investigate what the fuck happened during the past several months. The American people deserve to know who decided what, what those decisions were based on and where/what the fuck Joe Biden was doing while the whole thing came crashing down.

After that, assuming that there aren't EXTREMELY compelling explanations for everything, the House should impeach Joe Biden. Impeach him for intentionally violating a supreme court ruling and impeach him for failing to adhere to his oath of office when he couldn't found, couldn't be bothered, provided our enemies with an arsenal, provided no real plan to evacuate Americans and failed to lead during a time of crisis.

It's not a matter of revenge, it doesn't matter if the Senate fails to convict. It should be about Congress taking back some of the power that it has abdicated over the years. It should be about limited the ever expanding power of the Executive Branch. It should be about setting base level expectations for what a President must do while 10,000 American citizens are trapped in a hostile country due to carnage created by the sitting president (more than nothing).

So yeah, chew on that.

Have a nice weekend and God Bless America.


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