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Hackers Hack Hacks On Twitter

Twitter is usually a Hellscape of useless commentary, but today it became a place of unity when all Blue Check accounts were locked down faster than NYC in a pandemic.

For those of you who feel like I am speaking a foreign language, let me explain. Several larger accounts on Twitter today were hacked and used to tweet out a scam asking for users to donate money in bitcoin.

OK who believed this? Joe Biden can't find Hunter but he can use a bitcoin site? OK, fat.

Other hacked accounts include Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Uber, and Apple. These accounts and others had similar requests tweeted from them asking for money in what appears to be a cryptocurrency scam.

Everything is speculation right now, but hackers are saying a Twitter insider was paid off to give them access to a tool that allowed them to control accounts and God knows what else. Twitter didn't admit anything here:

In order to fix the problem of accounts being taken over, twitter temporarily shutdown all Blue Check accounts and the normie accounts came together and sang in unison:

For a brief and glorious time Covid 19 disappeared. We were having a spike in... happiness. Protests and Racism were the last things on our mind as we came together to completely drag the BC's while they were powerless. This is the Twitter we deserve.


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