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Flappr's 2022 Movie Of The Year

A "Movie of the Year" award should go to a movie that was innovative. Thought provoking. Philosophical. A movie about the Human Condition. Or a movie that holds a mirror up to society in its current moment to force us to reflect on our life choices.

Which is why my pick for Best Movie of 2022 is Everything Everywhere All At Once.



This wasn't a year for fruity, lofty ideas about our place in the universe. This year was for the dads!

The best movie of the year by a country mile was Top Gun: Maverick. The progs on twitter want you to cry about slavery for the 20th year in a row, love Wakanda or and care about two Wh*te Wom*n journos or some bullshit.

Don't buy their nonsense. Top Gun: Maverick melted A24's Michelle Yeoh's face off at 10 Gs!

Tom Cruise's cool charisma beat Austin Butler's dick right into the dirt (figuratively, not literally. . .). The F-14 Tomcats took Spielberg's self-indulgent tripe and blasted it to hell without computer guidance!

You look me in the eye and tell me that your dad's favorite movie of the year wasn't Top Gun: Maverick

If it wasn't you and your dad are communists and can fuck right off.

Tom Cruise even used his own money to run commercials, thanking you for coming out to theater to watch his film! Not once, but TWICE!

Look at this crazy son-of-a bitch. One of the most famous people to ever live, getting ready to film a stupidly dangerous scene for his next insanely entertaining film, taking a moment to thank you for enjoying his work.

As I said in my review of Top Gun: Maverick, there is something special about Tom Cruise's I'm going to potentially kill myself during filming-level of autism for real stunts. Cruise is a man who loves the craft of making movies and the art entertaining people. We need more like him.

I'm proud to award Flappr's 2022 Movie of the Year to Cruise for making undoubtedly the coolest, most exciting and, most importantly, entertaining film of the year - Top Gun: Maverick


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