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Flappr's 2020 Joe Biden of the Year Award

This has been a very good year for Joe Bidens all over the world. Many Joe Bidens have seen successes that they'd only previously dreamed about and accomplished goals that had been life long endeavors.

While the field was crowded, Flappr is proud to present this year's Joe Biden of the Year Award to .... Joseph Xavier Biden of Waterloo, Iowa!

Joe X. Biden, a farmer by trade, was named after his father, Joseph Xavier Biden, Sr., who was also a farmer and folks, let me tell you. . . Joe X Biden had quite a 2020.

In January, Mr. Biden came in third in the Waterloo County Fair Annual Chili Cook Off, after not having ever placed better than 10th, previously. Mr. Biden credited this year's success to the addition of nutmeg to the Biden family secret chili recipe.

Joe X. Biden followed up January's success in May when he bought a new tractor - which helped him yield a harvest that was 15% better than last year's bounty.

In September, Joe X. Biden adopted a puppy, which he named "Duke" after John Wayne, Mr. Biden's favorite actor. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Finally, just this past November, Mr. Biden had what might have been his greatest success - he bedded Ms. Mary Anne Davidson, a woman that many local experts contend is the hottest woman in town. It appears that suggestively asking her if she wanted to "take a ride on his tractor" (presumably referencing the new one he had purchased in May) made her laugh and realize that under his gruff exterior, Mr Biden was actually just a big goofy (and cuddly) teddy bear.

Mr. Biden and Ms. Davidson are currently taking things slowly, they haven't "put a label on things" and they have not yet informed their parents about their budding romance. Yet all indications are that the two are smitten with one another and could be making things "Facebook Official" any time now.

We salute you, Joseph Xavier Biden, our 2020 Joe Biden of the Year.


Honorable Mention

Joseph David Biden

Joe D. Biden, an accountant from Chesterbrook, PA, won his office fantasy football league for the first time. His team, "My Ball Zach Ertz", defeated "I LIKE BIG TDs", managed by his office rival, Derek, in the league championship.

Keep up the good work, Joe David Biden!


Dishonorable Mention

Joseph Robinette Biden

Joe R. Biden, won the Democratic nomination for president after all other viable candidates in the race dropped out to prevent Bernard Sanders from winning the nomination.

After winning the nomination, Mr. Biden did very little, made very few campaign appearances, spoke solely from a teleprompter and answered no difficult questions from the media.

Mr. Biden's handlers at the DNC must have determined that Joe R. Biden's cognitive ability was in such a state of decline that he was a liability anytime he was seen in public. Perhaps they had good reason to hide him in his basement:

Mr. Biden allegedly won the Presidential race this November, but many still view those results with severe skepticism.


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