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De Blasio Ain't No Challahback Gurl

New York Hasidic Jews who have already recovered from Covid-19 are flocking to Bethlehem, PA, to donate their antibody rich plasma to help save the lives of Covid19 patients.

With Mayor De Blasio forming a Task Force on Racial Inclusion and Equity, you would think that he would be interested in one of the smallest minority groups in not only NY, but the whole world.

The Hasidic are using their tragedy to save the lives of people of all races. An amazing mitzvah considering public health records suggest their community may have been hit harder than any other ethnic or religious group.

...And De Blasio's got nothing.

Well, no wait. He does have something. He appointed his wife to chair this task force. She has a job (he created and then gave to her) when so many don't. I mean, of course she has to work. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to keep Dante in haircuts?!? And how is he paying for this task force?

But that doesn't mean that the mayor is furloughing and laying off essential workers to start useless Covid-19 task forces right?

"Hartzog clarified during a City Council budget hearing last week that there is an exception for hirings related to COVID-19, health or safety."


@GrubbstarVA had to smack De Blasio around a little for this.

Did you ever read DeBlasio's apology to the Jewish Community after specifically targeting a funeral (the one where the police were warned of the gathering and asked to prevent it and didn't)?

It's heartfelt.

Here is the initial tweet targeting The Jewish Community:

Really? You could have just left the Jewish part out of this.

Yes, there were a few hundred people breaking the mandatory stay at home order. A few hundred. Out of the roughly 1.1 million Jewish people that live in NY.

The Hasidic community where this funeral took place claims that this event was approved and facilitated by the NYPD. Not only that, but they also claim to have warned that crowds might do this and that the NYPD should make it known that there is zero tolerance. The NYPD didn't take the warning seriously and there was nothing done in advance to warn people to stay home for this specific event.

DeBlasio was then advised to apologize (and he didn't really try) by saying, "I regret if the way I said it (his tweet above) in any way gave people a feeling of being treated the wrong way, that was not my intention. It was said with love, but it was tough love.”

My parents used to use tough love on me, too, but they were never like, "GO TO YOUR ROOM, JEWISH GIRL!"

Let's commence the dragging, shall we.

Barbie's Bat Mitzvah photo courtesy of @grubbstarVA

Courtesy of @PCPcitrus

The Chaos came to play as well with @JTSand138138

Not new to any kind of Chaos is @grubbstarVA, with that fire response to a tweet from Elena Schor about Ted Cruz protecting Jewish citizens from tyrannical mayors. Here Grubbs and Giuliani join forces for the drag.

And of course, this doll got in on dragging this groundhog murdering Frankenstein for his treatment of Jewish people and then wasting of tax payer money. He set up this useless task force to give his useless wife (who already wasted millions of tax payers initiatives on another mental health program for NYC that ultimately failed) a job.


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