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Biden Sprecht, America Wreckt: Meming Fashy Joe Biden

Uniter in Chief Joe Biden stood before a very un-Third-Reich-like backdrop Thursday to speak to the nation about dignity and respect and how the “soul” of America better cut the MAGA shit because it’s KILLING HIS POLL NUMBERS!

Days after calling Donald Trump supporters “semi-fascists” who shouldn’t bring a sidearm to an F-15 fight with the U.S. military, Biden on Thursday called for every American to join him in “defending America.”

From what, you might ask? From whom?

The whom is a little harder to pin down, since only Trump was called out by name (thrice) in the 25-minute rant. But the what was clearly articulated.

You might want to sit down ready for this? Here's a clip:

According to Biden, Trump and the “MAGA forces” who dominate today’s Republican Party are:

  • assaulting equality and democracy,

  • extremists threatening the “very foundations of our republic”

  • election deniers

  • anti-privacy, contraception, and justice

  • opposed to unspecified types of marriage (though assumedly gay and interracial because MAGAns are homophobic racists)

  • pro-authoritarian, fear, division, darkness/anti-hope, unity, optimism

They (we?) hate the Constitution, the rule of law, and the “will of the people.” We thrive in:

  • “chaos”

  • “carnage”

  • “darkness”

  • “fear”

and when it comes to democracy, that old ten-cent whore, we

  • “threaten”

  • “attack”

  • “assault” and

  • “undermine” it

We’re “destroying America,” and these quotes aren’t even out of context–they were just barked into being like a blacked-out gin drunk screaming at a lamp post for stealing his cat, except it’s sober Joe Biden, shaking his fists before a Nazi facade accusing half of the country of being vampires who “live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies.”


Here's another doozy:


If you think this an exaggeration, read the speech yourself (full text here) or watch it on Rumble (piss off YouTube). To dedicate an entire speech to a “they” that goes entirely unnamed with the exception of Trump implies that the White House sees the president’s poll numbers. If opposing Biden is MAGA, then 55% of America is holy rollin’ in red hats.

And if they weren’t Thursday morning before the speech, they are now.

What was meant by all of this rhetoric? Was the Nazi theme an accident, an oversight, or an intentional hint that the new Jews need to find an attic to hide in.

Perhaps the esteemed CornPop slayer’s Woke staff of non-binary drama club Millennials really liked the Dark Brandon memes and thought a Nazi theme would beef up his image (because even windy-sleeved soys love toxic masculinity).

Maybe it’s a sign that Trump is about to be indicted over Box-Gate.

One could plausibly read something into Biden’s reference to Trump and MAGA Republicans as “a ‘clear and present danger’ to our democracy,” which is more than a spectacular ’90s movie. It is also a “rationale for the limitation of free speech originated in a majority opinion written in 1919 by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.”

Whoa Joe! Was this speech a defense of this administration’s efforts to pressure social media companies to silence opposition? Or is it a flex of something significantly more ominous? Since it was not a response to anything Trump said or his “MAGA forces” did (January 6th was a year and a half ago, after all), was it a pre-emption? Has Biden set the stage in anticipation, hopeful or prescribed, of actual (not merely rhetorical) “carnage and darkness and despair”?

“We’re going to end cancer as we know it,” Biden said. “Mark my words.”

Watch your back, folks. Biden’s F-15s are circling. Anyways, here are some of the best memes of Fashy Joe Biden.

Could you imagine. . . RED Christmas Trees? Democracy in peril!!!!!

The Flappr people did a good one here.

Ok, two good ones.

These two men have something else in common.

This is a legit, LOL.

Maybe the winner of the night.

Do they share an interior decorator?


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