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Arrested Protestment

Democracy. That ill-fated series of ever increasingly infantile dares that some *cough* intellectuals call the peak of human governance. The power of people to rule rather than the divine right of kings. The voice of the people heard not the dictates of unelected rulers. The right to stand in opposition to anyone and anything…to stand in protest.

That's a funny word "protest". Especially when you look at the American experience where it has been involved.

Protestants stood in opposition to the abuses of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Church. Many were imprisoned. Many died.

Colonial citizens of the British crown protested against taxation without representation and several other perceived injustices. Many were imprisoned. Many executed. Led to a war. Many died.

Southerners protested the federal government's intervention in manufacturing and agricultural, uh, “workforce acquisition and management” while northerners protested their protest. Many were already imprisoned. Many freed. Led to a war. So very many died.

If you're seeing a theme here, you might be at average or above intelligence. But don't call your mom to put Uncle AC’s Basic Intellectual Technical Comprehension Hegemony for Social Hermeneutic Understanding Toward Universal Proficiency certificate on the fridge just yet.

The pattern changes. Women’s Suffrage. Civil Rights. Occupy.

Suddenly people protest and are jailed, but they stop dying (for the most part). No longer is imprisonment and martyrdom tied to dying for one’s beliefs, but merely the act of confinement is an acceptable sacrifice. Previously, you could point out your heroes easily because, ya know, they were dead. Individuals so radically empowered by their beliefs that even their own lives were worth laying down to achieve a goal.

As this changes, the power of the State is also clearly reduced. They don't have the acceptable use of power to summarily execute dissenters, but they can arrest them. And in no way were planned mass demonstrations where arrests were guaranteed unimpressive or ineffective. Mostly peaceful resistance to unjust and immoral law has been a hallmark of western civilization.

But again, the pattern changes. BLM. January 6th.

The further we get into our “safety” from the state as a real, present danger to our lives, the lower the bar of protest to it and the cheapening of the act’s morality. And the less specific the causes become.

Black Lives Matter “protests” were against what? Police brutality, sure. Racism? Ok. Social injustice? Uh alright. The destruction of the nuclear family and removal of white control through concepts like being “on time” and “acceptable workplace attire”? Mmm. Mhmm.

Now we see contest without conviction. Protest without purpose. Gumption with no goals. Pointless acts of futility that accomplish nothing but virtue signaling to the crowd that already supports you.

And, again, away from the threat of death at the hands of government, and now, with the complete overthrow of our nation’s state attorney offices by dark money and genuinely evil actors, arrest doesn't even mean imprisonment.

So what is protest in 2023? What is this once righteous act today?


Ecological and conservationist protesters have been around for decades and have, though painful to admit, completed some good things. We should have clean air. Clean water. Forests and grasslands. We shouldn't have inept, nearly extinct fish that prevent the collection of water for our citizens. That's a scam.

And the biggest scam and scammer of all?


This artist of autism has pointlessly been shoved into our ears and eyeballs since 2018 to the point that I don't even need to say her last name for you to know who I am talking about - Cher, Madonna, Greta (yes, we're all on a first name basis with this monster).


I'm not going to go through it, it is truly “all so tiresome” and you all know the Coming Ice Age, Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Crisis, Man Made Weather Will Save Us story.

Greta is here to save us from ourselves, by doing what? Protesting!

But can the church punish her? No she's not tied to any religion but Climate Science. But can the government punish her? No she's in the safe religion of atheism…and Climate Science. So how does she shower us in the golden light of her self-serving sacrificial piss?

By posing with police for her arrest while protesting coal in Germany, of course:

And where is she today? Davos. At the WEF annual meeting. As a speaker. I don't know if you know but protesting in Germany used to be a real act of defiance.

This is exactly what modern protest is: Pretending to oppose the State to virtue signal your allegiance to the Church of Ideology. Which is…unironically…part of the State. Pointless. Pathetic. (Keeping important things in your) Peripheral.

And thank the Lord this only happens in Europe, right? Just crazy people with no power or authority, only donors with deep pockets, right? Definitely not in America. Definitely not our elected officials...

So keep your balls polished, your powder dry, and your eyes wide open when you see this performative nonsense. There's something bigger happening right around the corner and they want your attention diverted.

Consider what's worth sacrificing for and when you're willing to do it, otherwise it's all just an attention game.


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