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AOC's Take On The Rise In Violent Crime Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez tried to grasp at those deadly plastic straws today by blaming the increase in violent crime on the economy being so bad that people need to shoplift bread. That's not the joke. That's the real news media thing that she said. See her whining about republicans and watch the video of what she akshully said here:

Watch as hungry families shoplift for that sweet sweet nectar of bread:

What we have here is another leftist reaching to say on brand. We saw this with Ilhan Omar last week when she tried to claim that capitalism is racist. The world is falling apart but while AOC stays home mixing mojitos for one to save lives while still receiving a paycheck, she will stick to her "rich people did this" narrative. If you're connecting the dots from crime to poverty, keep connecting and try poverty to Lib leadership.

We aren't upset republicans, AOC. We just don't buy your loaf of bullshit.


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