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Sorry, America is Full

To state the obvious, there’s no shortage of reasons we should close our Southern border.

Besides the fact that our current policy violates our national sovereignty, there’s the human trafficking fueled by coyotes and cartels; the Fentanyl that claimed more than 110,000 American lives last year alone; and the increasing number of captured border crossers with links to terrorism that are here to do, well, I don’t know, probably volunteer at animal shelters or something.

But there’s another, much simpler reason that is seldom mentioned: America simply has too many people already.

That’s right, we are full!

As anyone who has ever been to Disney World will tell you, this country is at maximum capacity. There’s a reason the Mickey faithful are willing to shell out an extra $35 a day to bypass the queues now approaching Cuba.

The National Parks are no better. Most already charge admission, and many are now requiring reservations, yes reservations, to enter the land your tax dollars already pay to maintain. They must, as they are unnavigable during peak season due to sheer volume.

Good times are being denied us due to an exploding population, a good portion of which is entering illegally via virtually all points of entry.

It’s difficult to say just how many illegals are currently in the U.S. Estimates range from around 11 million to more than 22 million. It’s likely somewhere in the middle; a Yale/MIT study from 2018 put the number at around 22,000, and considering there have been more than 7 million encounters under Biden alone, we can safely assume we are somewhere around 30 million.

In other words, illegals now account for between 3 and 10 percent of the population, a significant enough percentage to affect nearly every facet of our collective well being, from traffic to hospital wait times to real estate.

According to career website Zippia, “since 1980, the average American commute time has increased by 27% (From 21.7 minutes to 27.6 minutes).” Such drastic increases in traffic pollute our air and increase the likelihood of accidents.

Heaven forbid you are in a wreck, as wait times in emergency rooms have gone stratospheric (2 hours and 40 minutes on average as of 2023). And if you miraculously do get admitted to the ER, “vaya con Dios” on your road to recovery as anyone who has tried to see a specialist lately knows you have a better chance of hitting the Powerball.

The toll of illegal immigration on our resources and infrastructure is so great it may be impossible to quantify. But as Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said of pornography, we know it when we see it.

And Stevie Wonder can see that we are running out of room!

This chaotic influx of migrants has altered the idea of the American dream, likely permanently, from one of a lifetime of happiness and prosperity to one of mere survival.

Consider that in an era of record inflation, jobs are more likely to go to those forbidden by law to have them; in February alone illegals received more than double the number of new jobs compared to American citizens. And the median price for a home in the United States has climbed nearly 30 percent since 2020, with rent prices ballooning at about the same rate.

The Land of Opportunity is now the Land of Scarcity, in large part due to unchecked immigration.

The strain is such that should the situation remain unchecked the levee will break, soon. And when it does, America will be hardly distinguishable from the countries these people are fleeing.

And by the way, I don’t blame them. I have no doubt many are fleeing horrific conditions and merely seek a better life for their families. This country was largely built on them, but that construction was performed by immigrants who entered legally and were properly vetted.

That is far from the case currently, where the thousands who cross the border daily are free to wreak havoc with virtually zero consequences. And when I have to log on to Resy to visit Yosemite, my tolerance is quickly tested.

And just as I’m not “anti-immigrant,” I’m not some stoned, 70s-era Berkeley Malthusian crying wolf about overpopulation, either. I believe strongly in the need for future generations, but because immigrants have higher birth rates than American citizens, they are robbing us of our right to procreate.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, a mother of three, recently fretted that “The U.S. has a population of 327 million people. Why do we need more kids? What’s the purpose?”’ It’s not enough that we are jostling for elbow room everywhere, every day, but now we are being asked to ignore our most natural instincts and, for a majority of Americans, our religious duty.

But such lofty notions are of little import to a political party hellbent on retaining power by any means necessary, including via the illegal importation of millions of potential future voters.

So unless you’re willing to vote them out, scoot over. We're going to need all the room we can get.


Jun 06

As white Americans we are becoming 2nd class citizens in institutions that have been infected with DEI. Like hospitals where if your skin color isn’t of preferred choice the care you receive will be slowed or sub par. Also while you work your ass off to provide illegals are being handed everything. Draining resources we do not have. The national debt is what $23 trillion?


Jun 05

Solid article ... author did a great job, as always.

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