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Two Years Later - The Handmaid Still Reigns

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett may have a vagina, but this ain’t first wave feminism. There are new rules to the Oppression Olympics, and the accomplishments of single-intersectional women are barely accomplishments at all.

Note: The Flappr Institute of Anatomical Research Rates This Image as "doctored"

When Donald Judas Trump nominated Coney Barrett to the high court, critics rightly noted that she was neither gay, Black, nor multi-pronouned. There is no Ukraine flag emoji in her Twitter profile. She isn’t into kink. Her hair is neither dreaded nor green. Her kids have never been pushed on stage to twerk with trannies at a local Drag Queen Story Hour. And thus she was not the woman women wanted to see ascend to the highest judicial office in the country.

When news broke that Coney Barrett was in a cult, les miserables were beside themselves.

The headlines were damning: “Revealed: leaked video shows Amy Coney Barrett’s secretive faith group drove women to tears” (Editor's Note: yes, these are actual headlines).


Yes, and that’s not the worst of it. The Catholic Oppression Group calling itself “People of Praise” engaged in such barbaric practices as conversing about subjects of faith that (gulp) made some women cry.

According to reports, People of Praise told female members that their husbands are the head of the family, that by nature woman is a nurturer and by faith a servant of God–a feat accomplished not through slander and belligerence but with modesty, gentleness, discretion, kindness, and other disgusting psycho babble.

One of the founders lamented the confusion over the question, “What is a woman?”–in 1978!–writing that there are “distorted images of womanhood found, particularly, in the media.”

“You need only look at television commercials to see that two main stereotypes still exist: the erotic woman who ‘takes it all off’ for her man, and the inveterate laundry sniffer whose joy in life hinges on whether anyone will notice how clean the clothes smell.” –“Fully A Woman,” by Dorothy Ranaghan, University of Michigan, June 1978

“An even more severely distorted picture,” she wrote, is “one that reduces her to and identifies her exclusively with man.”

To cry over the expectation that women leave drunken belligerence to the men is understandable, at least by 2022 standards. To cry over that fact that men are the head of the household sort of, I don’t know, proves the point.

“Some of the women – who are still in my women’s group, as a matter of fact – were wearing sunglasses all the time, because they were always crying and would have to hold on to their chairs every time somebody started teaching, because ‘What are we going to hear this time?’”

We’ve seen the deterioration of the modern family and the erosion of societal cohesion as a result. America’s prisons are filled with men raised without fathers. Men raised by women. Men raised without faith or discipline or structure or honor. Is it because a woman who does not serve God cannot rightly serve her children? No. It’s probably because of Trump, but I digress.

Coney’s cult coaches women on such dark magic woo-woo as “fellowship,” “service,” and the horrifically inhumane “responsibility for mutual care, concern, and ministry.”

Coney Barrett herself was allegedly a “handmaid,” which holds different meanings depending on your IQ. To the green-haired sky screamers whose daily sustenance of faux moral outrage over the Nazi Russian Spy Traitor Rapist and his hot wife, “handmaid” is a derogatory term symbolizing subservience and slavery, oppression, and the political infringement on Lesbian Americans’ rights to kill their unborn children.

To people who can read, “handmaid” refers to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, whom the Bible refers to as the “handmaid of the Lord.”

“Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.” –Luke, 1:38

This type of language isn’t so offensive to the Woke mob when the culture in question is, say, Islam (which is Arabic for “submission”), but there’s a difference between Islam and Christianity. One burns homosexuals in cages and stones women to death for having a boyfriend. The other founded the developed world.

“Some segments of our society teach that true advance will only come about from an argumentative, belligerent, aggressive stance toward my rights, my will, my work, my life, my, my, my…! But self-seeking is not a gospel response in men or women.” –More bonkers slave-talk from Ranaghan

Elections Have Consequences

DJT nominated ACB to replace the KIA justice RBG (RIP) after RBG failed to go MIA during BHO’s presidency, mistakenly assuming HRC would be the next POTUS. OOPS.

Big oops, in fact, because America proved to be more disgusted by the prospect of electing a serial fainter pedo wife than a handsy playboy who can golf. America: Super Sexist? Not if Literal Hitler could help it.

Correcting the judicial gender imbalance, Drumpf grabbed Coney Barrett–she let him do it–and pulled her into the Senate for a confirmation hearing that made Kavanaugh’s look like trial by fire. Which it was.

Having shot their wad on Brett, the Left was miffed but too deflated to put up much a fight over ACB. Other than slandering her for being stunning, eloquent, and composed, there was no real meat to the Left's opposition. They surely tried to find some aspy frat dude to claim she over-the-clothes “raped” him in college, but no dice apparently.

The SCOTUS confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson offered a few moments of renewed hope, but her confirmation proved underwhelming, both intellectually and politically. Brown Jackson checked more intersectional boxes than ACB, but only by a factor of one. Biden apparently couldn’t find a “queer-plus” anti-anarcho dogecoin blogger with vitiligo to add to his SCOTUS shortlist. That she was Black with stereotypically Black hair and two out of three Black names allowed Biden’s chubby base to ignore her hetero-normative sexuality and :::shudder::: her White husband, but there was no aura of revolution with her.

They tried to psych themselves up with hashtags like #shero, but having to explain it–“It’s like a hero, but a woman”–only further dulled the movement.

Which is why ACB’s cult scandal was so groundbreaking. The pink pussy hat brigade finally got their validation. It was two years too late to keep the sexy witch off the high court, but it was validation nonetheless.

The problem was, nobody cared.

The cult story was almost immediately overshadowed by war, surging inflation, energy shortages, Biden threatening “MAGA Republicans” with F-15s, and other such news that people actually care about.

“Equality” today means chicks with beards and corporate censorship of oppressive slurs like “straight,” which only tradlife bigots use to boot heel trans progress. In the fascist ecotopia of social credit scores, carbon monitoring, and soy-infused beetle burgers, where even non-fem homos are patriarch-adjacent chauvinists and mere womanhood is an affront to penised sapiens fighting in the revolution of womynzhood, a based biological female with children of distinguishable genders and a husband who seems like a super nice guy, Coney Barrett’s ascension is something to be scoffed at, mocked, and denigrated.

She is straight, White, and motherly–and attractive in ways that make the #bigisbeautiful melanin queens rampage through Walgreens: namely slender, composed, naturally blonde, married.

During her confirmation, her looks were a sticking point with Democrats, whose splintering platform is one mid-term shellacking away from outright banning physically attractive candidates. Obama did it right when he sent Sotomayor and Kagan to the hight court: his appointees were two of the ugliest non-dicked humans the world had ever seen.

"Painful to look at” is the Holy Grail of virtue signaling. Bioleninism is the point of Wokism. It is a smokescreen of vulgarity and victimhood that is at least intended to prevent criticism of ideas based on merit. To them, young and beautiful is obnoxious; but a hot a middle-aged mom with a juris doctorate and with a waistline? Abhorrent.

Trump essentially put a unicorn on the bench: a handmaid of the Lord.

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