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Absolute Savage Sends Date Home In Uber After Disapproving of Her Outfit

Some chick on TikTok went viral after telling sharing her story of how her date, Greg, sent her home because he didn't approve of her outfit.

She details her journey from Hinge to heartbreak in the video below (you can read a more detailed version of her account at the Daily Mail):

If you don't want to sit through the five minute video, I'll break it down for you as quickly as I can:

  • Nikki meets Greg on Hinge.

  • She, more or less, falls head over heels for Greg.

  • Three weeks into the relationship, Greg invites Nikki to a work party, as his date.

  • Nikki takes this as a sign that things are going great with the relationship

  • Nikki spends 40 minutes getting ready for the party.

  • While having dinner before the work party, Greg tells her that he is "embarrassed" by Nikki's outfit.

  • Nikki gives Greg an ultimatum - either I wear this outfit, or I am going home.

  • Greg tells Nikki he will call her an Uber.

Nikki posts this on TikTok:

DISCLAIMER: Part of me thinks that this is like an elaborate LARP and Nikki expertly played her audience to help drive traffic to her social media accounts. People do lie about things on the internet, but for the purposes of this blog - let's assume everything is above board with Nikki's story.

So - what to think about this? I mean, first things first - Greg is an absolute fucking savage. It's just a next level move that guys often think they'd be willing to pull off, but most are too nice to ever really consider.

Why? Because it is pretty cold-hearted move to, moments before heading to a party with your date, drop "Can I call you an Uber".

Giga Greg.

But let's think about this for a second - is Greg really the bad guy here?

I mean, it's Greg's work party that will be attended by people with whom Greg will need to see every day for the foreseeable future. Is it really so difficult to see why he might be cautious about the impression he leaves on his co-workers and his boss? Let's be clear here - everyone at the work party is going to be judging everyone else and Greg's date is an extension of himself for all intents and purposes.

So if he was embarrassed about what his date was wearing - I don't necessarily blame him for pulling the plug on her.

Alright, let's check out the offending outfit:

So Nikki is a smoke show, banging body, big beautiful doe-eyes, cute face - a Michigan 9.5.

She would normally be EXACTLY the type of girl you'd want to bring to a work party to show off and let everyone know that a) you must have your shit together, at least somewhat; b) attractive people outside the office think you're attractive enough to date; and c) your dick must really be something special.

Still, this outfit is a bit much for a first-impression-work-party, no?

A low cut top?

A bare midriff?

Makes me question Nikki's judgment a bit, to be honest - where does she think she's going? This is a work party, not a "work party".

So no, I don't blame Greg for putting the kibosh on this one - if you're going to represent me at a work gathering, I have to be able to trust that you're not going to make this situation uncomfortable for me.

I mean, I can't have my boss staring down your low-cut blouse and then have to look him in the eyes for the next five years.

You'd basically have to just quit.

"So, Greg, I've sketched out the shape of your girlfriend's breasts on the grease board for everyone"

Babe, you look gorgeous tonight, but wear that outfit to the club, not to hors d'Oeuvres at the grand opening of a California Pizza Kitchen. I don't need Bob from accounting getting fucking shit faced and spending half the night elbowing me in the ribs and mouthing "nice" while doing pelvic thrusts in your direction.


Finally, the biggest mistake Nikki made during this episode was dropping an ULTIMATUM three weeks into a relationship.

Listen, I get it - you're hot and, judging by some of the smiles we see in that video, it seems like both parties were enjoying the banging ,that had transpired - but you are out of your fucking mind if you think you can put a gun to my head ultimatum after only three weeks. Broken brain logic, which, again, makes me worry about Nikki critical thinking skills.

Oops (from nikki.jabs tiktok)

I don't think you can launch an ultimatum nuke until like - you've been dating for five or six months and you need to know whether or not this relationship is serious or just for fun.

Yet Nikki chose to do it over an outfit, before attending a work party, three weeks in.

She was begging for Greg to throw up an all-time dunk on her and he did not disappoint.

"Can I call you an Uber?" Lol, fucking Greg man. . . what a legend.

If you made it to the end of that video above, it DOES - according to Nikki - appear that Greg apologized, said he wished he hadn't said anything and her outfit was fine.

Who knows, maybe these two kids will have a happy ending after all, but still - what a wild story and teachable moment for crazy people everywhere.

Happy Tuesday and God Bless America.


Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown

My god, what an absolute beast. This Niki reminds me of that sad big forehead girl on Twitter.

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