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A F*cking Disgrace

The only thing to discuss today is Joe Biden and his administration's handling of our withdrawal from Afghanistan. There are countless other places for you to go read lofty (and more informed) analysis on the situation, but you're here - so I'll try, as an average American, to speak for other average Americans and share my thoughts on what we watched over the weekend.

Simply put, it's a fucking disgrace.

We spent nearly 20 years in Afghanistan. We lost 2,448 American service member. We spent $2.261 trillion of your tax payer dollars.

And THIS is how we're leaving:

And THIS is how we're leaving the Afghan people:

And THIS is who we're leaving them to:

And This is what we're leaving them with:

I'm not arguing that we should've stayed in Afghanistan for 20 more years or even another two years. I'm not arguing that the Afghan military isn't pathetic and doesn't share in the blame for being completely fucking useless. But this outcome is an absolute fucking disaster and whatever steps were necessary to prevent it from happening, needed to happen. They didn't and this fucking catastrophe happened on Joe Biden's watch, based on an order from Joe Biden (over recommendations from his own top generals) and he is completely responsible all of the bad shit that will follow.

Did Donald Trump want to pull out of Afghanistan too? Yes, he did (and if this had happened under Trump's watch, my feelings would've been the same as the ones you're reading here). Was Donald Trump the President of the United States on April 13, 2021, the day that Joe Biden announced that we would be withdrawing all U.S. Troops by September 11, 2021? No, he was not.

Yet, if Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, is to be believed, Biden had no choice but to withdraw when he did "because Trump":

Was Joe Biden bound to the Trump Administration's extremely effective "remain in Mexico" policy on immigration? No, he was not - in fact, he revoked it the first day of his presidency.

So, no, I do not buy for a single fucking second that Biden was beholden to Trump's May 5th withdrawal date and neither should you. Biden is the Commander-in-Chief, Biden owns this.

And rather than addressing the nation to explain his titanic failure, Biden spent the weekend at Camp David. Biden has answered 0 questions about Afghanistan since July 8th, when he said this:

I don't think there is any video of a sitting President that aged as poorly, as quickly as this one did. It's a video that should be played over and over again, until everyone begins to understand what former Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, knew back in 2014, when he said: "I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,”

Unfortunately, the American people will ultimately pay the price for whatever comes from Biden's latest foreign policy disaster. The regime we went to war with back in 2001 is now back in power, emboldened and outfitted with untold amounts of US weaponry. The people we spent 20 years protecting? They've watched us abandon them and will likely harbor resentment for America and Americans greater than that of their new sharia-overlords. This couldn't have gone worse.

To the brave service members who risked their lives serving in Afghanistan over the past 20 years, this failure is not one yours. You served your country with honor and did the best you could. It's a shame that our leadership failed you and the sacrifices you made.

The old man is supposed to address the nation today at 2:45 Central Time. We will see what he has to say for himself, but I assume he will try and blame Trump for what was his decision.

Joe Biden wanted his Afghan War photo-op for the 20 year anniversary of 9/11 and . . . well, he sure got one:

Until next time. Happy Monday and God Bless America.


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