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7 Ways to TikTok if You're Over 65!

Ever since the COVID19 pandemic, my wife Gladys and I have been spending a lot of time in the house. I mean A LOT OF TIME in the house!!!

Since we want to keep our friends and neighbors healthy and safe, we haven’t left home for any reason. We also wear our masks at all times, even when going to the bathroom – LOL!!! – and keep the curtains shut just in case that tricky COVID tries to sneak in through the windows. You never know!

It’s enough to drive anyone crazy! But thankfully we discovered this AMAZING APP called TikTok! Gladys and I have been watching these HILARIOUS videos of ER nurses dancing their pants off. I thought they were supposed to be swamped and saving lives, but WHATEVS?!?! (LOL!) Boy, are they a hoot! What a wonderful way to show how we’re all in this TOGETHER (UNLESS YOU‘RE A REPUBLICAN, yuk!)


SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For the past month or so, Gladys and I have been making funny dance videos with our grandkids (actually this is a lie, I’m not allowed to see them anymore because of lockdowns), and I thought, “Hey! Maybe there are other seniors who would like to use this AMAZING APP too!” So, for any hippity-hoppity seniors out there, here are 7 Great Ways to TikTok if you're 65 and older!

1) JUST DO IT! Okay, okay, I know that’s pretty obvious, but the first time is always the hardest. I know I was pretty shy when Gladys first set the camera up and hit record, but once I started moving and grooving, I was having FUN in no time! If you have any doubts, just remember how KEWL our new VP’s moves are!!!!!


2) BE CREATIVE! Don’t worry if you don’t know all the latest dance moves. Just turn off your brain and let the music tell your body what to do. And who knows? Maybe you can even invent a few moves of your own! Gladys and I sure had a blast when I showed her my Jimbo Jamboree, which is basically rhythmic pelvic thrusts! I HOPE I DONT GET CANCELLED!!!!!!

3) MAKE SILLY FACES! This was something it took me a little while to understand, but when you’re on TikTok, you’re supposed to make silly faces! Just sing the song and start rolling your eyes and wobbling your neck – almost like you’re having a STROKE! LMAO!!! Only don’t really have a stroke, cause then no-one will know if you need medical attention IRL!

4) GET A PARTNER! TikTok dances are SO much more fun if you can do them with a partner, but if you’re spouse has passed away (or is hospitalized with COVID19) just make a cardboard cut-out and pretend like you’re dancing with them! ITS WAY BETTER THAN SEEING YOUR ACTUAL FAMILY, or so my Governor tells me.... Everyone will think it’s SO SUPER cute!

5) NO MOBILITY? NO PROBLEM! You can make great HILARIOUS dance videos on TikTok even if you have limited mobility due to diabetes, arthritis, or are a plus-sized individual! Just hold up your phone’s video camera while sitting and do your thing! If you’re MORBIDLY OBESE, who cares, THATS HEALTHY !

6) SHARE YOUR DANCE! One of the great features of TikTok is that you can share your dance videos with other users who can add to it! It’s kind of like a chain letter – but with VIDEO! And of course, no bad luck this time! ROFL!!! I HOPE LOCKDOWNS NEVER END AND THEY FIND ME DEAD, ALL ALONE, WITH TIKTOK RECORDING THE ENTIRE THING!!!!!

7) DON’T DIE! Okay, another obvious one, but once you get started making TikTok videos as a senior, you’ll be having SO MUCH FUN! The only way you wouldn’t be having fun is if you were DEAD!!! LOL!!!


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