Youths, and Why They're Terrible

P.S. I am not a crackpot

As you may have heard, youths everywhere were traumatized recently when the New York Times published an op-ed that they disagreed with. Senator Tom Cotton argued in support of sending the military, when necessary, to assist law enforcement in putting an end to the riots. This is a position with 2 to 1 support, and even supported by a plurality of Democrats.

Pictured: Ben Shapiro, trying on an adult sized blazer.

When college students began liberating campuses from the tyranny of having the option of listening to Ben Shapiro, most in the media either sided with the youths or pretended like it wasn’t happening. But now these dorks have begun to graduate. The people who run these newsrooms are like the people who call CPS when they see someone spank their kid. And now they’ve found themselves in charge of a daycare filled with kids who have never been spanked. And their first move was to show their belly.

Xe seems nice

You see, a large percentage of these kids go to college and don’t learn anything real. So then they go to grad school and still don’t learn anything. They go deep into debt so they can go to school as long as doctors, then they either get hired by Buzzfeed or they work the job of a high schooler on summer break. This leads them to use the only skills they actually gained during their decade of higher education: chanting slogans and yelling at people. It has been instilled in them that they don’t have to defend their ideas, they merely have to scream until you decide it’s not worth it anymore. The exact tactic of a three year old. And whether these kids are 3 or 30, once they know the strategy works, it’s over.

Given the fact that these degenerate youths rack up insurmountable debt only to go into careers that don’t pay particularly well, you’ll never guess what one of their favorite topics is:

This was written two days after the Tom Cotton piece that proved beyond doubt that college is *far* too accessible.

But since no one in the real world actually listens to them, they do their chanty slogan routine to try to banish opposing ideas. As has been made clear, if they get what they want, it’s not going to stop at Trump being kicked off Twitter. It’s not going to stop with every non-socialist being kicked off Twitter. Social media isn’t the only product they will deny to those who disagree with them. They try to shut down speech everywhere they have influence. First it was campuses, then entertainment, then social media, now the New York Times.

These damn youths need to be stopped. It’s time.

What the NYT SHOULD have done to the activists on their staff

When they aren’t able to shut down speech, no one in the real world actually cares what these little idiots think. If anyone cared what they thought, Joe Biden would not be the Democrat nominee. Even within the Democrat party, they can only get what they want through tantrums.

The advice for stopping them is the same advice you would find in any old parenting book: Set boundaries, tell them “no”, don’t give in to fits. They are not the majority. They are not even the majority within one political party. Don't let them act like the majority. And if that doesn't work, send them all to GITMO.