YOUR Daily Horoscope 12.25.20

In these times of uncertainty, we're all looking for answers. Some of us look to the Good Book, some of us look to the bottle, some of us look within, while a portion of us look to the stars. Accordingly, please adorn yourself with your most power healing crystal necklace, harness your chi, sacrifice a goat and enjoy YOUR daily horoscope:

Dec 25, 2020 - Things are on the upswing for you today. People are finally coming around to see things from your perspective. There's no need to doubt yourself. Look in the mirror and know that the person you see is capable of accomplishing anything. Your powerful emotions are your allies. Don't be afraid to let your heart speak up loudly and clearly, the way it wants to. Also, the Hellen Keller story is just a big fucking hoax right? Not ALL of of Helen Keller is a hoax, I mean she was clearly a real person, but the whole narrative smells like Grade A Lib bullshit. For example, how did a deaf and blind girl write a book when she was eleven? Eleven year olds are cool and all (fwiw, I used to be an eleven year old), but eleven year olds are also fucking dumb and don’t write books. Also, people seem to forget that Keller was fucking BLIND and must have had absolutely awful handwriting! Who could even decipher that chicken scratch!? AND Keller didn’t write just ONE book, she wrote FOURTEEN! If you ask me, Keller was nothing more than a puppet for Anne Sullivan, the teacher (aka Lib) who taught Hellen how to read and write. This Anne Sullivan character was probably one of the first Libs that realized the power of the “narrative” and used the empathy that the public had for Keller to push her own progressive agenda (destruction of America). Lets examine some of the topics Keller wrote about: feminism, socialism, antimilitarism, and probably a bunch of other -isms. Sounds like topics that only a LIB with an agenda would cry about in writing 🤔. “Ohhh sure feminism sounds harmless, the adorable deaf and blind girl wrote about it” said Americans at the time. Fast forward to today and, well, you know how feminism has worked for society. So yeah, seems like Keller and that story was just one big communist psyop.

Just feels fishy, ya know?

** Bonus ** My favorite Helen Keller Joke:

Why can't Helen Keller Drive?

Because she's a woman!

Namaste, Merry Christmas and God Bless America.