Your Daily Horoscope 12.22.20

In these times of uncertainty, we're all looking for answers. Some of us look to the Good Book, some of us look to the bottle, some of us look within, while a portion of us look to the stars. Accordingly, please adorn yourself with your most power healing crystal necklace, harness your chi, sacrifice a goat and enjoy your daily horoscope:

Dec 22, 2020 - You may feel a bit sluggish today. Your warrior spirit would rather stay home on the couch than get up and fight. This is fine. You may simply need a break from your quest for world domination. Remember that a good leader also takes the time to sit back and reflect on recent events in order to make better plans for the future. Speaking of which, CHINA! Can you believe how much power the CCP has? They basically own this country. Remember how the NBA (and that bitch, LeBron) basically got on their knees and sucked that CCP dick last year? That was pathetic. Don't people know they have literal slavery going on there? Why won't our media report on that? Makes you wonder if China owns our corporate media as well, just sayin'.

Namaste and God Bless America.