You Didn’t See Or Hear What You Just Heard Or Saw - Volume II

One of my first Flappr pieces was titled “You Didn’t See Or Hear What You Just Heard Or Saw” and focused on the outrageous level of gaslighting that happens in our modern media environment. Things that make you go “Wait a sec, I literally saw this happen and now you’re telling me I didn’t?” Sadly, the situation hasn’t improved at all. You would imagine given our easy access to information that simple fact checks would be easy or people wouldn’t get away with lying to your face. Unfortunately, because we don’t have an honest media and even less honest politicians that’s not the world we live in.

Here’s AOC accusing Ted Cruz of attempting to have her murdered. It’s actually a pretty sophomoric tweet with its teenage level of Miss SassyPantz snark (ahhh, that will be my new nickname for AOC). “You can sit this one out” - Oh shit! You go, gurl. So powerful. So brave. You’d think that a member of the House stating that a long time Senator was attempting to have her murdered would raise some eyebrows but I think we all collectively just kind of rolled our eyes. I didn’t even see many lefties trying to run cover for Miss SassyPantz.

And now, here’s our brave little House member claiming she never said it. Just flippantly rejecting it right from the premise. “That’s not the quote”. Umm, it actually, literally, and 100% is. We know it is because we can see and read tweets. Now to be fair, politicians do this all the time on both sides of the aisle but when you have a level of bombast like saying one of your political colleagues is trying to have you murdered and then claiming that you didn’t say that – well, let’s just say it’s all a bit much.

Ayanna Pressley said last August “There needs to be unrest in the streets”. During the violent riots of the summer of 2020 Kamala Harris said protesters “should not let up”. Nancy Pelosi in response to Trump’s immigration policies said “I don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country; maybe there will be”. Maxine Waters urged her supporters to "absolutely harass them" (Trump administration officials) when they are in public. See – none of those quotes encourage violence. But we’re being told that if you say “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your votes heard today” you’re inciting a riot and promoting an insurrection. Oh, that’s right - you’ll also get impeached even though you’re not in office anymore.

There have been two very different approaches to covid with states like South Dakota and Florida remaining open while states like New York and California impose strict mask mandates and mass lockdowns. You’d be forgiven for thinking Florida had handled the virus poorly as there were multiple hit pieces about how bad it was there. The problem is the numbers don’t show that the state didn’t handle it well. Yet, we’re still being told by a media intent on keeping you fearful and cowered that if you don’t wear a mask and stay home you’re most likely going to end up dropping dead.

Mrs Brassenstein sums up exactly how we should be reacting to the constant gaslighting and constant message of “You didn’t see or hear what you just heard or saw” -