You Didn’t See or Hear What You Just Heard or Saw

The media is flailing and they’ve literally taken to lying about things that you’ve seen or heard and telling you - “You didn’t see or hear that”. Normally, a statement like this would be hyperbole. How could someone lie directly to our face after we witnessed something? Does this person really expect me to believe them? Does this person believe what they’ve just told me? Why would this person believe the opposite happened? Does this person think they don’t look absolutely insane now?

It’s a very recent development, too. There was always misdirection and sleight of hand but not downright deception. Sometimes it was a mixture of facts but only the relevant ones that fit the narrative. Other times it would be careful redirection by changing the subject ever so slightly. It was carefully crafted to seem objective and maybe even make you doubt your interpretation. To move to these bold tactics of outright lies shows how desperate they are. They know they have lost the trust of the public. They know they don’t control the narrative anymore. Like a cornered animal, they are simply lashing out now. Frankly, we should all enjoy it because the stupidity of it is breathtaking.

Here’s Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post telling his followers that Joe Biden didn’t just say what he said. The only problem is if you listen to the clip it’s exactly what he said. Not word for word but this was a summation of what was said. Was Glenn implying that Biden didn’t just say “Unlike the African American community… the Latino community is incredibly diverse”? Was he objecting to the added “diversity of thought” characterization when it wasn’t said but was obviously fully implied? We’ll never know. But a blanket “That’s not what he said” wasn’t the right response.

This is Julia Ioffe and she’s very concerned person. She wants you to know that Bill Barr is fighting hard. For white people. When a normal human then reads the headline “Justice Department accuses Yale of illegal bias against White, Asian American applicants” it’s then very clear Barr is not just working for white people. She certainly doesn’t want you to think that Asian Americans are part of the story and she could get away with it if wasn’t brazenly in the headline.

Here’s CNN’s Jim Acosta forcefully denying the Obama administration ever spied on the Trump campaign when we all know it did. DOJ IG Michael Horowitz called it “illegal surveillance” which people understand is also commonly called “spying”. If Trump had said “My campaign was illegally surveilled” would that have changed anything?

Obamagate is not real. Antifa is a myth. The protesters are peaceful. Trump has stormtroopers. Thankfully, the monopoly the media had over the information channel has been destroyed due to the internet. We no longer need to trust the elites to feed us a narrative. This is due to irregular journalists like Tim Pool, Andy Ngo, and Michael Tracey. We need to make sure we support journalists like this that will tell us the truth – whether we like it or not.