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Wokeness Destroys All It Touches, Part 1 – Sports

There is no industry or aspect of life that wokeness doesn’t eventually destroy. A few years ago, this wasn’t entirely evident or easy to prove. I knew it was a philosophy I didn’t like but there wasn’t any proof that it contributed to the decline of whatever organization it had infected. That today, is not the case. The Elite Cult(ure) has become a story of abject failure and total rejection by a majority of Americans as they continue to fracture from objective reality.

Wokeness isn’t a grassroots movement. It’s imposed from the top down by the elite in academia, Hollywood, big tech, and big business. Here, we’ll focus on how wokeness has begun to destroy sports but check back later for part two where we’ll focus on the entertainment industry and part three where we’ll look at higher education.

This just seems like an epic failure. Like - seriously? A biological man competing against women in weightlifting and he still can’t cut it? Men are stronger and faster simply by natural design. The woke want to pretend that men and women are born equal when it comes to physical prowess but most people know this simply isn’t true.

People that deny this are simply denying objective reality but that’s what the Elite Cult(ure) want – to deny reality is the only way they can get their crazy theories validated. This 43 year old man has testosterone levels much higher than his female counterparts and if he were younger that would be a huge advantage in the real world. That’s science. Let’s not be afraid to say this.

Geez louise! First they lose to Sweden and now Canada? But I was told these are top tier players that don’t get paid the same as men because America is sexist. I was also told this purple haired troll was attractive and deserved to grace us as a Victoria Secret model even though 90% of straight men would never, ever want to fap to her.

That’s how the woke Cult operates – they’re the best players and she’s attractive even though it doesn’t match objective reality. The Cult loves it when they can get someone to set aside reality for wokeness. Here’s a thought – maybe focus on playing soccer rather than your woke nonsense, Megan. Maybe then, we would respect you.

Look – this isn’t about Simone directly. She’s one of the best in the world performing moves that most people simply could never do. I’m glad she’s back and I hope whatever issues she was having have been resolved and I hope she’s feeling great. The problem with her leaving was the reaction from the Cult claiming how stunning and brave she was for quitting. I think most normal people were confused by that reaction as there’s nothing to celebrate in this situation. No, it’s not brave to quit your team but this was the response from the Cult. Just one more example of the New Left’s complete split from reality.

I’ve written before about the declining ratings of sports as they pushed wokeness on their fans. It got so bad for the NBA that the commissioner said after the 2019 – 2020 season that social justice messages would not return in 2021. The ratings for the NBA finals this year were up almost 30% from the previous year once wokeness was purged from the games. That’s good for the league but still lower than pre-pandemic levels. They’ve permanently lost some fans. What that means long term for the NBA remains to be seen. Rumor is the NFL is going to start being more woke this year. I hope not because that will drive me away for good and I love football. Did they really not see what happened to the NBA and do they think they are immune from that? I can guarantee you they are not.

As you can imagine, the ratings for the Olympics this year are in the toilet. The opening ratings were at a 33 year low. Who wants to see woke athletes kneeling and preaching but also LOSING on top of it all?

Wokeness destroys all it touches.


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