• Nero

Why Wyoming is the Last Bastion of American Freedom

The nation has been in lock down since the middle of March and now, two months later, it is finally starting to reopen. Some states, like Florida, have entered Phase 1 slowly but surely with excellent results:

Other states, like Michigan, are barely opening at all - even in parts of the state where there have been barely any cases of the virus.

In some places, like New Jersey, local law enforcement is choosing to stand up for the those they are sworn to protect in the face of tyrannical state officials:

While others, like Massachusetts, are forcing true American patriots (like our own Kaitlin) to go without essential services (!) until June 8th at the earliest:

The Hoff just wants his Asian Massage Parlor back!

While it is great that at least some parts of the country are getting back to some semblance of normalcy, a group of great Americans, such as Charlie Sheen, Courtney Love, David Hasselhoff and other degenerates like myself have been all but ignored. Wont SOMEONE think of the degenerates?

I mean there is something really sad, (NAY - DEFLATING!) about drinking whiskey and bumping fat lines in your safe room all alone with only your favorite Only Fans model (and the voices in your head) to keep you company. . .

You're the only one who gets me, swedish_size_queen. What? Yah I'll pay extra for that.

Fortunately, Wyoming and The Den has come to the rescue of degenerates everywhere.

It's nice to see that while much of the country is fighting over gyms and nail salons Wyoming is getting down to what is REALLY important. Strip clubs are a vital part of the life blood of the US economy. Money gets moved through them, often tax free, and then often makes it's way to local coke dealers who support the local economy buying fancy cars and guns.

Some, like Eric Ammon, already know how they are funding their trip to The Den, which sounds like a FANTASTIC establishment.

Carl has a good idea here if any entrepreneurs are interested:

And our Phil looks like he is ready to spend some of his Trump Bucks, provided the ladies keep their masks on:

Hey, The Den might not be on the level of the Crazy Horse in Vegas, but it's open and serving the people in need. So if you're lookin for 'Ol Nero, I will be loading up the family truckster and heading west.

Who is coming with me?