Where the Hell is Joe Biden?

2:03 PM UPDATE: Joe Biden has called an early "lid" again today, the tenth early lid this month (40%). This post has been updated to reflect this information. Jill Biden is flying by herself (lol) to Maine. The media did NOT report on the lid being called because they're afraid of this looking bad for Biden. Only one reporter from the Daily Mail was willing to report this fact:

There are just THIRTY NINE DAYS before the presidential election and Joe Biden is barely anywhere to be found. For instance, the Harris-Biden (their words, not mine) campaign told the media that they were "calling a lid" (meaning that Biden would not be available for comment the remainder of the day) at 9 a.m. yesterday. Kamala Harris also held no public events yesterday.

It would be one thing if yesterday was an aberration, and not a trend - but Biden has "called a lid" before 12 p.m. TEN times this month alone - 40% of the days in September:

Think about that, the man who is running for YOUR vote, doesn't want to be in public answering questions that YOU may have for him on how he'd lead the country.

The answer from the media is that Biden is focused on "debate prep":

That's bullshit. Yes, a candidate should have time to prepare for a debate, but this much? With so much going on? This week alone, you have riots in major cities, a SCOTUS vacancy, his son's shady behavior and more Obama-gate bombshells (we'll get to those later). You can't lead from your basement. And it's not like the media asks him tough questions when does pop up from the basement - unless you think this is difficult to answer:

Biden's availability is in stark contrast to the Trump campaign's schedule. For example, as Joe sat in his basement with Kamala, Trump held events in Charlotte and Jacksonville and Pence did a bus tour in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Moreover, according to the NYPost - the President has answered five times more questions than Biden over the past two months (1,141 to 274).

Scofflaw, Biden's ne'er-do-well son.

It is perhaps convenient that Biden has chosen to go dark this week, just as the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee released its report into Hunter Biden's dealings with various folks all over the world. Wouldn't it be nice to hear Joe Biden explain why his son got 3.5 million dollars from the wife of the mayor of Moscow? Or more about his relationships with CCP officials? Or about his brother taking 1.4 million from Hunter in "consulting fees" that Hunter obtained from a CCP owned business?

Wouldn't it be nice to hear Biden's response to documents released yesterday that indicate that main source of the Steele Dossier was someone the FBI considered a Russian asset? That same Steele Dossier was used by the Obama DOJ as the predicate to the entire Russia-Trump investigation - and the FBI knew the source was someone who might be a Russian asset. This IS A BIG DEAL and Joe Biden hasn't been asked about what he knew and when. The media would not accept President Trump disappearing in the midst of such controversy.

Even when Joe is asked a semi-difficult question, like "would you support court-packing" he refuses to answer:

The American people should know whether or not a vote for Joe Biden means a vote for court-packing. The American people should know whether or not a vote for Joe Biden means more international grift for his family. The American people should know whether or not Joe Biden participated in trying to sabotage on Trump's in-coming administration. It's that simple.

So the question remains, where the hell is Joe Biden? Why is the media so willing to hand-wave his "too busy doing debate prep" act, especially when there are so many questions he SHOULD BE ANSWERING. I think we all know the answer - the media wants a re-do on 2016. More specifically, NOBODY in the media wants to be the person to ask these questions because they know if they do, and Biden stumbles into a terrible soundbyte, they'll forever be cast as the person responsible for Trump's re-election. These people want to keep their careers, even if that means that they will be totally derelict in their responsibilities. Shameful, all of them.

Now to finish up with some fun tweets about what "Biden debate prep" looks like:

Hey that's me! (shameless self-promotion)

The first debate is next Tuesday and it should be interesting to see just how "prepped" Joe is for this first debate.

Have a great weekend, God Bless America.

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