What’s the Argument For Trump, Anyways? Part 2: Biden’s Faults

If you missed it – in in part one of this series I examined some of the positive reasons to vote for Trump. Here in part two I’m going to examine the reasons why people shouldn’t vote for Biden. Let’s jump right in!

1. He clearly is suffering from some form of cognitive decline.

Biden is 78 years old and starting to show his age. He’s never been a person that speaks well but it’s clear that today’s Biden is nothing like the Biden from 10 years ago. The gaffes, the angry outbursts, the days the campaign called lids (days where the candidate will not be seen for the rest of the day) all paint a portrait of an aging candidate whose facilities are diminishing. It’s truly sad to watch and I can’t help but wonder why his family and friends didn’t council him to retire and enjoy his old age (Although it sounds like Obama did when he told Biden that he “didn’t need to do this”).

There are many subtle signs of cognitive decline such as difficulty finding the right words, mood swings, and difficulty trying to follow a train of thought and we’ve seen multiple instances of this. He occasionally gets angry with voters that show up to ask him questions (“Look, fat”, “You’re a damn liar”, “Then vote for Trump”, “Dog faced pony soldier”) There has also been plenty of times we’ve seen him stumbling for a word that is painful to watch ("All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing.”) Occasionally he just seems incredibly tired. His voice is weak and there is no motivation or energy on his part. In the month of September his campaign called 13 lids (days where the candidate wouldn’t be seen for the rest of the day). Could this just be a good campaign strategy? Make the election about Trump and not Biden? Maybe – but if you put it all together it’s hard to believe that’s the case. I don’t want a President that can barely stay awake or is half-confused leading the nation.

2. Racial issues

I don’t truly believe that Biden is a racist. He is, however, someone who is out of touch and deals with racial issues in a rather unsophisticated fashion and he’s certainly not above preying on black people’s fears. In 2016 while campaigning against Mitt Romney he told a roomful of black people that Republicans were “gonna put y’all back in chains.” This year, in an interview with Charlamagne Tha God he decided he was the arbiter of what made a black person black when he claimed that “If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.” Again, I don’t think he really is a racist but that is over the line.

Part of it is simply a generational issue and part of it is that Biden is a democrat and the democrats have always been the party of racism. They were the party of the KKK. They were the party of segregation. This is shown constantly in some of his off the cuff comments that show there’s at least some ingrained bias there. He doesn’t mean for it to translate this way but that’s how the comments sound. “Poor kids are just as smart as white kids”. "The reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home was because some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelves."

Don’t forget this man called Senator Robert Byrd who led a chapter of the KKK in his younger days a mentor. Biden gave a eulogy at Byrd’s funeral. Biden helped write the controversial 1994 crime law that helped contribute to our nation’s problem of mass incarceration. In the 90’s Trump was hanging out with Don King, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton. He was constantly being name checked in rap songs. Hershel Walker considers Trump a very good friend. The two are markedly different on how they treat black people because one has actual experience with them and one deals with them through the prism of government as potential votes. That’s the difference right there.

3. He is a corrupt swamp monster

Biden has used his time in public office to enrich himself and his sons. His brother James somehow got a cushy gig with a construction even though having no experience with construction. The firm that hired James was negotiating to win a massive contract in Iraq. Brother Frank (though having no experience in education) was hired by a charter school management company that raked in millions of dollars in federal grants during the Obama admin. His son Hunter (though having no experience in the energy sector) was hired by Ukrainian firm Burisma. Are we noticing a pattern here yet? When a Ukrainian prosecutor started investigating the energy firm for corruption Joe Biden had the prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold funds to the country. He even had the nerve to brag about it. There’s no other word for it – he’s corrupt.

4. “Revolutionary agenda” becomes “What’s he selling anyway”?

June 3rd the Washington Post ran a piece entitled “Biden begins to map out ‘revolutionary’ agenda, reimagining his presidency amid national upheaval”. He started discussing systemic racism, universal basic income, climate change, and medicare for all. I noted in earlier Flappr piece that this would fall flat with voters. He started walking back from those positions even going so far to say he never said them. Then the lids started and we saw much less of Joe Biden and even when we did see him he wouldn’t take questions after press briefings. It was shocking and the reporters rather than yelling questions would just quietly accept that they couldn’t ask anything. We also started seeing Jill Biden and Kamala Harris doing interviews rather than Biden. When asked if he would pack the Supreme Court he simply said he wouldn’t say until after the election. How is this considered acceptable? He hasn’t materially said what would change under his administration. As far as Covid goes he would keep doing what Trump is doing with Fauci continuing to advise. I honestly don’t know what Joe Biden stands for. I really don’t. No one else does either.

5. Flip flopping

Besides the lack of questions and interviews another reason I have no idea what his platform consists of is he takes positions and then reverses himself. He never explicitly committed to “defunding” the police but he did say he was for redirecting money away from the police. When a poll came out in early August showing that 81 percent of blacks wanted as much or more money for police he then came out and said he was for giving more money to the police. Same with fracking. He repeatedly stated no new fracking and his administration would eventually end fracking. Then he stated “I am not banning fracking”. Ok – so what is it? Is he going to end it or not?

It isn’t just policy decisions that he does this with, either. On the day Trump announced a ban on China travel due to Covid Biden said “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia, hysterical xenophobia, and fear-mongering to lead the way instead of science.” Two months later he stated he was for the ban. He said he would issue a national mandate that everyone would have to wear a mask and then later stated he couldn’t do that because it would be against the Constitution. The guy just says whatever pops in his head.

6. Return of the establishment

Biden has been involved in politics for 47 years. That means for almost 19% of the time our country has existed he has helped run it. Do we really want to have an establishment politician back in power? We’ve seen what the elite has done over the past 50 years. The endless wars. The hollowed out manufacturing base as our factories are moved overseas. A tax system that benefits the elites. We can’t go back to that but that’s what Biden is part and parcel of.

Stay tuned for part three where I’ll write about Trumpism and what this means for the Right and the Republican party.