What do the Dems Think They Have Won?

I swore after the election that I wouldn’t write about politics for a bit. Not that I would quit completely but I wanted to turn focus onto other subjects. I normally travel a lot and am out of the country three (sometimes almost four) months out of the year so I thought I’d write about that. I listen to music for 8 hours a day while I’m programming so I thought maybe some music reviews would be good. But this is 2020 and we’re in Dante’s seventh circle of Hell so that’s not happening yet. On a side note – we only have two more circles of Hell to go! (I’m a positive person.)

I’m watching with glee while Trump makes the transition to Biden an absolute, chaotic mess. I’m reveling in it. That being said – I truly think Trump lost and Jan 20th we’ll see a Biden inauguration. That should be an extremely sad site that will look much like his rallies during the campaign. There will be people standing in white circles with masks on, socially distanced, and there will be maybe 100 people or so. Literally no one will care and we’ll all move on with our lives while Biden hides in the White House basement.

Democrats have most likely won the presidency - who cares? They will accomplish absolutely nothing. The House is going to be extremely close in numbers. We’ve still got too many races left to be called but Republicans have picked up 9 seats in a year we were told they would lose seats. The Senate is already at 50 Republican Senators with 2 runoff races still to be run in Georgia. It’s almost a certainty Republicans will win at least one of those races and I’d be happy betting money on both. There is no legislation they’ll be able to pass out of the House because Cocaine Mitch being the Apex Predator that he is won’t allow it. Here he is - pulling some king shit.

Republicans didn’t just do well at the national level. They also made huge grounds in the state legislatures, too. There are now 30 states with Republican state House majorities, 31 states with Republican state Senate majorities, and 27 states with Republican governors. (I hope to make that number 28 when we boot out Beshear in 2022 here in Kentucky. Sad we have him but good lord Bevin was bad!)

In many ways, doing well at the state level was the best outcome of all the gains Republicans made. Why? Because we’ll be redistricting soon which is the process of redrawing electoral district boundaries. 25 states use their state legislatures to do that. The rest use some mix of independent commissions and the state legislatures or governor. Republicans are going to be ruthless when redrawing the maps in an attempt to gerrymander the Democrats out of existence. Say so long to the Democrats’ House majority in 2022, bitches.

Joe Biden will be 78 years old when he is sworn into office. In four years he will be 82 years old. You think he’s running again in 2024? Hell no, he’s not. And don’t even get me started on Kamala. She’ll lose in the primaries if Democrats are smart (but they aren’t) or she’ll get destroyed in a general election. That woman is just awful in every way. (Cackling manically) “IT WAS A DEBATE! IT WAS A DEBATE!” Ugh. Here’s the Washington Post telling us to keep our expectations low with a Biden presidency.

But if Republicans did so well in the House, the Senate, and the state legislatures – how did Donald Trump not win the election? Simple – you had a bunch of dumb low-information people that don’t normally vote that have been told that Orange Man Bad is literally Hitler and they went out and voted for Joe Biden and then went home to go have a dance party in some park. I don’t think there’s any grand conspiracy here. I think it’s good Trump is making challenges but ultimately I don’t think it will be enough to pull him over the finish line. Until any major examples of fraud can be proved I think Biden will win.

The next four years are going to be quiet and maybe that’s not a bad thing. Maybe Biden will put forth some centrist judges and McConnell will confirm the ones he likes. There certainly won’t be any legislation unless it’s something completely bi-partisan. Here’s to four years of media decay because they won’t have the Orange Man Bad wave to ride going forward. Here’s to some pretty boring State of the Union speeches. And most of all here’s to 4 years of Truanshawnadayprsure and Badakafkare. It’s gonna be fun!