What Do Democrats Stand For Anymore?

The DNC and the Democratic Party has no platform other than being against Donald Trump. None. There was a lot of talking at the convention. We were told it would be the end of our democracy if Trump wins again. We were told that Joe Biden is an empathetic, decent human. We were told Trump can’t govern. We were told COVID deaths and job losses were the fault of Trump.

They didn’t talk about the economy and their plans to restore it. They didn’t talk about how they would bring troops home. They didn’t talk about bringing jobs back. There was no discussion of getting our cities back under control. No talk of a real fix for healthcare. All their arguments for why you should vote Democrat literally boil down to “We have the moral high ground and Trump is bad”.

There was no joy at this convention. There was no optimism. There was no excitement. It had the plodding movement of a funeral procession. This is their tell. A tell in poker is a change in a player's behavior or demeanor that gives clues to that player's assessment of their hand. After that convention, I think they know they’re going to lose and it’s becoming clear to their actual voters now.

The convention was tailored for the Resistance Liberal. The Resistance Liberal hasn’t lost their job. They are working remotely. They are sheltering in place in their comfortable suburban home. They are masking up as they drive their nice cars to go pick up take out from a local restaurant. They aren’t suffering. The party that was supposedly for workers, for the little guy, has completely morphed into something else and I argue that no one really likes it. The ratings for it were awful.

Let’s hope the RNC will be a spectacle next week. Let’s hope it’s fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Let’s hope it’s optimistic. Let’s hope it completely ignores the Democrats while showcasing the new generation of Republicans. Let’s hope Donald Trump comes out and makes some jokes, tells how he’s going to get the economy back online, that he’s going to keep bringing back jobs, that he’s going to continue bringing the troops home, that he’s going to get healthcare fixed, and that he’s going to get the cities back under control. And let’s hope he underscores that you can only do this by voting Republican up and down the ticket. If they pull off a good convention and underscore their concern for every American, Trump won’t just win - Republicans will landslide.