Well That Didn't Take Long - Democrats Start Planning Conservative Blacklists

The 2020 election isn't even over yet. President Trump hasn't conceded. Joe Biden has not been declared the winner in any official capacity. There are a number of odd occurrences across a handful of key swing states that is going to keep this thing tied up in the courts for the foreseeable future. Admittedly, the most likely outcome is that Joe Biden is declared the winner and becomes president-elect but that is hardly the point. None of this has stopped the radicals on the Left from revealing their big fascistic plans when this is all said and done...

It all begins, as usual, with everyone's favorite busty communista. The de-facto leader of the Democratic-Communist Party, sweet little Sandy Cortez, suggests keeping a database of sorts to compile tweets, writings, etc. of anyone who ever supported President Trump. Oh you know, just a sitting member of Congress looking to establish official state blacklists of millions of people guilty of wrong-think. What could possibly go wrong? I don't know where she finds the time to come up with this stuff between livestreaming Among Us games and fake crying at the border. Frankly, the scary part is not even that AOC makes such a proposal. We all know what she is...a Marxist communist who would slaughter millions of dissidents in a heartbeat if she thought it meant achieving her utopian vision. The scary part is the 325 THOUSAND (and counting) likes this tweet got (it was under 240k likes when I began writing this).

Within minutes a former Obama staffer responded to AOC revealing their big plans to do just this. The Trump Accountability Project they call it. A formal blacklisting is set to begin and they are out here bragging about it. Good job voting for norms and decency or something.

This guy is another former Obama staffer (sensing the trend?) and former public school teacher (which he has since hidden from his Twitter bio). Yes these are the types of people who are teaching (see: brainwashing) your kids. Terrifying isn't it?

Sevugan responded with his promotion of the Trump Blacklist Project to a number of tweets but none more notable this one from the most unhinged woman in America - Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post. If you have the audacity to support the President, ask questions, be skeptical about some of the things we are seeing in this election then you are to be banished completely from society. No employment, no credit cards or mortgage, and certainly no speech. None of it if you have committed this cardinal sin. Honestly, after her Trump coronavirus mental breakdown, I am just surprised they still give Rubin access to Twitter from her padded room.

Here we have a Pete Buttigieg staffer (oh did I mention that Hari Sevugan is one too?) also pushing the launch of this conservative blacklist project. Petey Butts mind you has been a major surrogate of the Joe Biden campaign, a member of his transition team, and will likely be awarded with a (perhaps significant) role in his administration. Are you beginning to get the picture of what is happening here yet? The good news is that this chick got ratio'd into oblivion so hard that she had to lock her account.

The Never Trump buffoons also had to get into the fun because of course. When former CIA spooks are talking about putting people on lists...listen. Even if they look like bald penises.

This all comes just mere weeks after the likes of Robert Reich (who I recently discovered is a legit midget) and other lunatics on the Left began calling for "Truth and Reconciliation Commissions." This is just text book totalitarian communist regime stuff. Stalin would be so proud.

So this all leads me to ask...who really thinks this stops at just "people who worked for Trump" or politicians who did not oppose him sufficiently? Who really believes that? You think they won't try to come for the 70 million red blooded Americans who had the nerve to defy the Left and vote for Donald Trump in 2020? I don't know, I certainly wouldn't be so naïve as to think that isn't exactly what these people want and intend to try.

There is going to be a lot of talk over the next couple of weeks and months about how the country can now move into a phase of "healing and unity." But what does this really mean? Just take a look at all these things outlined in the article above, of which is just a small sampling. Do you think these people are really interested in healing and unity? Do you think they do not hate you (yes you, not just Donald Trump) with every fiber of their being? No no they do not mean healing and unity. They mean humiliation and submission. That much couldn't be more obvious.

But we are NEVER going to let that happen. With or without President Trump sitting behind the Resolute Desk, the best is yet to come.