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Weekend Fun with the Goons!

It was a pretty good week over at Flappr HQ.

The RNC shot the DNC in the face. Bart became optimistic about the election. JAC has to shut up for a whole week about the polls. Yep, things were looking pretty good as we went into Friday, and what better way to close out the week than assembling the Goon Squad.

I wasn’t quite sure I was going to be able to do it though, until I found this tweet from some magazine called “The Walrus.” The name is the last cool thing you are going to see about them.

You’re going to read some pretty interesting takes on this article, mostly focusing on the tweet itself. Look first, however, at the headline. “Objectivity is a Privilege Afforded to White Journalists.”

The left likes to warp definitions of things, and while this one isn’t necessarily the most sinister, it is definitely one of the more astounding.

Objectivity is inherently one of the least privileged things one can engage in.

It takes no money. It does not require any education, or even intelligence for that matter, to be objective. Being objective merely means you set your personal biases aside. Being objective is wholly one’s choice through their own actions.

Leroy sums up my thoughts pretty well here. This entire premise is farcical on its face. If this were one of my students, it would have a zero and there would probably be a parent-teacher conference scheduled so that I could waste their time the way they wasted mine.

Kyle uses the humor I love so much about him to bring up a great point: At some point, the desire to integrate other cultures into what is distinctly “American” culture reaches a point of satire.

No, cultural elitism is not something to be proud of or to propagate. However, the reality is that there is a culture here and set norms here. People need to adapt to them, accept that they will be outsiders, or leave.

I, too suffer from this kind of reverse discrimination. I am frequently told to bring my diverse and valuable opinion as a Pole, and then when I show up screaming about how we need to destroy the Ruskis before we invade it’s “we’re going to let you go” and “if you don’t leave we’re calling the police.”

It’s going great in Portland and D.C. It makes me wonder what happened to all that racial healing under Obama.

I once heard someone say “inside every English teacher is a failed history teacher” and that seems to apply here. (Thankfully, I’ve done both, so I can claim to not be a failure.)

Dutch brings up a great point though: These people can’t *do* anything. They can make gobbeldy-gook terms and sniff their own behinds, but actually *doing* something is beyond their scope of capability.

I’m closing with this because it needs to be posted on every door of every school, kindergarten through graduate school, and there’s really not much else I need to add to it.

No system, or living circumstances, in this country, is responsible for your living condition. Ultimately, that lies on you.


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