Flappr Fantasy Football Week Eleven: Miller Lite Extends Winning Streak to Three

Last night my 17 year old son asked me "Why does the NFL hate America?" I almost started in on woke culture has taken over the NFL, but instead I asked him why he thought that. "Because he makes America watch the Detroit Lions play every Thanksgiving." All I could say was that it was tradition, but deep down, I knew that my son was right. Thank God we have fantasy football to keep us somewhat interested in watching the Lions lose.

Anyway, on to the Week 11 recap. When you look at the season point totals for players, quarterbacks are always at the top of the list, because they can generate points several different ways. This week saw half of our teams play a QB who scored 10.04 points. or less, including 2 games where both teams had this happen. One of the biggest culprits in that was the over-hyped "barn burner" between the Chiefs and the Cowboys, which was a dud for the two star QBs.

The first game that affected was between Deus Le Volt (@Twi77erSuxDong) and the Italian Defense League (@michcusejac5). Derek Carr and Dak Prescott woefully underperformed, but @Twi77erSuxDong was able win his 7th in a row and keep the first seed in the playoffs. The Italians win another Flappr Forgotten Man award,but this time it's for not playing Jalen Hurts and his 30.78 points, which would have won the game.

Dak's Highlights From Week 11.

The other game with two low scoring QBs featured our two frequently missing people, Bad Mans (@Jenwifeofboomer) against Stephanie’s Amazing Team (@Stephanieco15). Leroy looks like he got his account suspended, but at least he set his lineup for the week, unlike Stephanie. In her defense, her bench players wouldn't have made a difference. Leroy stays in the second playoff seed as the leader of Division 1. Maybe Stephanie had an accident getting ready for Thanksgiving.


Next, there was a battle between 6-4 teams to move into the 3rd playoff spot. Two Scoops (@_Miller__Lite_) took on Derrick Henry’s White Twin (@jonbrooks935). Miller Lite took the win based on a strong performance from his team, while Jon still misses Derrick Henry.

He Looks Just Like Derrick Henry!

In the contest between the Penalty Boxers (@ground_miller) and the Hackensack Cockles (@Travis_Tyree), both teams exceeded expectations. It turned into the week's highest scoring game. Ground Miller jumped into the 4th playoff spot behind Jonathan Taylor's 53.4 points. Unfortunately, Travis had Austin Ekeler's 41.5 points in the loss. The Penalty Boxers got the Flappr Tophat award, for scoring the most points in Week 11.

Last,and well least, we had the Fugly Slots (@balling_it) playing M.I.L.F (Man I Love Football) (@ElderBartleby). The Slots big win last week didn't translate into anything positive this week, but he did score more than Stephanie. Bart took the win with the 3rd highest point total of the week, which ties him for second in Division 1. Apparently the platypus has been playing with the Liberal Holiday Article Generator. Find it at https://www.flappr.net/post/the-liberal-holiday-article-generator

Anyway, here are the standings after 11 of the 15 weeks. See you next week!