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Weed Loving Billionaire to California: "It's not me it's you"

The "Largest Open Air Insane Asylum" is at it again. In the midst of Covid Crisis they are well on their way to driving Tesla out of the state with their policies. Today Elon Musk filed a law suit against the State of California over the forced closure of the Fremont factory after the Alameda Country Health Department said it must remain closed. At the same time he has said he will move the headquarters and all future projects to Texas or Nevada both of which are much friendlier to business and neither have state income taxes which will be beneficial to Tesla's employees.

California State Assembly Woman Lorena Gonzales responded ever so tactfully

Which drew the proper and expected responses like this from the Big Game Hunter

Smells like Teen Statism offered a lesson in economics

And Nico wanted to make sure she knew he was taken and just had a baby cyborg or something like that

Needless to say it doesn't bode well for the future of California and it's progressive values that Mitt Romney clone and current California Governor Gavin Newsom so often prattles on about

If they cannot keep the Green New Deal's wet dream of an auto manufacturer in their state. I mean if you drive this guy out who the hell is going to be left to fund your crazy socialist dreams?


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