Our Boycott Game is Trash

Liberals are good at boycotting. First and foremost, today’s typical liberal is a whiny bitch. That is a solid foundation for building an effective boycotter. Secondly, they have strong convictions. They are passionate and possess the will power necessary to carry out a productive boycott.

There are online communities of liberal activists specifically target conservative voices in media. Some of their twitter accounts have over 300,000 followers. They have learned how to successfully weaponize wokeism and successfully chased advertisers away from Fox News personalities Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham. These communities have also successfully chased away thousands of advertisers from Breitbart. AT&T, BMW, Lenovo, VISA and others ceased advertising on Breitbart after being targeted by Sleeping Giants campaigns.

The right has no answer for such communities, no such counter group exists. Surely, a conservative activist group cut from the same cloth would likely be banned from Twitter and Facebook for violating targeted harassment policies. But now platforms like Parler exist and provide a place where such a group could organize and thrive.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but the right sucks at boycotting. On election day 2020, Fox News prematurely called the state of Arizona for Joe Biden potentially causing some Trump voters to say “why bother going? I’ll just stay home and read Flappr.” People on the right were livid. A lot of them claimed that they were going to boycott Fox News, except for Tucker Carlson. That’s right, they are going to boycott Fox News (wink, wink) except for their favorite show(s). Personally, I have not watched Fox News at all since election day. My phone had its own alarm set to go off Monday through Friday when Tucker was coming on. I watched him faithfully. But Fox News angered me to the point where I will not go back. Luckily we have options. The Pluto TV app on my iPad allows me to watch Newsmax, The Blaze, OAN, and The First (Jesse Kelly, Dana Loesch, Buck Sexton, Bill O’Reilly) for free.

Last week, after a Wal Mart intern mistakenly tweeted at Senator Josh Hawley from Wal Mart’s account instead of their personal twitter account ridiculing him for opposing the electors, #BoycottWallMart started trending on Twitter. Conservatives were pissed and were not going to take it anymore. The only problem was, this was the third time that the right has allegedly boycotted Walmart. Shortly after Trump was elected, conservatives were upset that “Impeach 45” t shirts were being sold by advertisers on Wal Mart’s website. #BoycottWalMart trended on Twitter with many claiming the retailer had forever lost their support. A short time after that, conservatives were yelling #BoycottWalMart after a tv commercial featured a gay couple going to for their first date at Wal Mart. Some on the right were upset because, in their mind, WalMart was refusing to remain neutral in the culture wars. WalMart never noticed because the boycotts were weak and ineffective. The haters were shooting spit wads at a battleship.

There’s been a trifecta effort pitched at Netflix as well. First when the Obama’s got deeply involved with Netflix. Secondly when Susan Rice was added to the board of directors. And most recently when Netflix produced a movie called ‘Cuties’ that featured twerking young teenage girls in extremely provocative situations. None of these feeble attempts at boycotting phased Netflix one iota.

The right has also failed in recent years while pathetically attempting to boycott Gillette razors, Nike, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association and other entities. They fail because they’re weak, they have no will power, and they lack the passion and organization that lib organizations have. I’d LOVE to see a strong group rise up to oppose these groups, a group that demanded respect. Maybe we’d call it Napping Midgets?