We Really Doing This Again?

I really don't feel like writing today. If another one of our contributors had something for you, I probably would've just let them have the floor - but nobody else offered to write. So because I am trying to maintain this stupid standard that Flappr - a website that makes 0 dollars - needs to publish at least one story every weekday, here we are. A post for you on Friday that most likely few, if any, will ever read. Such is life.

I think I'm in a sour mood because there is only really ONE topic that seems worth discussing and I can see where it is going it doesn't seem anywhere good. If you haven't been paying attention, the CDC issued new guidance this week, recommending indoor mask mandates and masks for children in school. This includes people who have already gotten the vaccine because, as it turns out, this new variant - the DELTA variant - can be spread by the vaccinated to other people.

So if you're living in a state that had these mandates before, I hope you enjoyed those two months of freedom - because the mask mandates are BACK or they will be back shortly.

You know what else is back? Teachers' Unions that are not quite sure that their members should be back in the classrooms this fall:

There is nothing quite so noxious than the Teachers' Unions holding parents and the country hostage during an already stressful time. They really are just the worst (and why school choice is so important).

It will not surprise me one bit if retailers - in effort to try and protect themselves from lawsuits and placate neurotic liberals - implement these mask mandates as well. In fact, The National Retail Federation, a trade group for the industry, says that retailers large and small “will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC.” So . . grocery stores? Masks. Gyms? Masks. Literally anywhere indoors? Mask. Inside your home with your kids? Well the Surgeon General says. . . . mask:

I'm NOT wearing a fucking mask indoor with my children. I'm not, so fuck right off, Surgeon General Murthy.

So why are we going backwards? I'm not really sure, the CDC says it's because of what I said above - that the Delta variant is contagious, spreading and represents 83% of all new cases. Joe Biden suggests that it's because not enough people are vaccinated and he doesn't want more people to die, while also insisting that unvaccinated people are "not nearly as smart as I thought [they] were". Then yesterday, in response to a question from Peter Doocy, Biden kind of gave the game away on why vaccinated folks need to wear masks again:

So basically, the idea here is that the vaccinated need to be punished because the unvaccinated refused to get the jab. Or in other words, we're all running laps because Stewart came late to practice and forgot his cleats (THANKS STEWART!) . In reality, the Biden Administration failed to convince people to get vaccinated and they believe that they can punish vaccinated people into bullying unvaccinated people into getting their "Fauci Ouchie".

Yeah, that's not going to work.

That's not to say that you SHOULDN"T get vaccinated. I am vaccinated and it has worked for me. I suggest others get vaccinated, because even if you do get the virus - you're much less likely to get seriously ill (94% less likely to be hospitalized if you're 65 and over). I'm also not going to judge you if you DON'T get vaccinated, because it's personal choice and COVID is not polio and will not leave you or me crippled for the rest of their lives should we be infected.

So no, I will not be doing the work of convincing people to do something they do not want to do - that's the government's job, which they've failed at miserably. Back in 2020, such failure would be the only thing you'd hear on the news - as in, Donald Trump is LITERALLY responsible for every COVID death in America. Yet, in 2021, we're not hearing about the messaging failures of Joe Biden - instead we're getting this:

Turning neighbor against neighbor seems like a really healthy thing for a country already mad about literally everything. Good work, media assholes.

I'm not sure this plan will work, even in the slightest bit - there is no reason to suspect that new mask mandates will prompt people to get vaccinated who had already had the opportunity but refused nor that the vaccinated are going to hound their unvaxxed counterparts. But this is what the Biden Administration thinks will work and there is no doubt that this new slew of regression (with lockdowns not being ruled out) will suck giant balls.

We don't even know when or what factors will allow a return to the previous guidance which did not recommend masking for the vaxxed.

So I guess the question remains - we really doin this again? Are we really going to ignore reality and follow the science (which seems about equal parts politics, social engineering and science these days)? If the teachers' unions try and force remote learning again, are we really going to stand by and let that happen? Are we going to continue to live this way for the foreseeable future?

To answer my own questions: I'm not sure, I hope not and it's sure starting to feel that way.

Now you know why I didn't feel like writing today.

Happy Friday and God Bless America.