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We're Still Treating Covid-19 Super Cereal or Worst Apocalypse Ever

What is the one thing that missing from this Covid Crisis debacle that has been passing for both media coverage and public policy over the past three months. Was it a cool level head making the point that we can protect the most vulnerable while reopening the economy? Was it someone daring to point out that the whole point of the lock down was to allow for extra preparations not to stop the virus as chronicled by Flappr here? No it wasn't any of those things or something else that would be even reasonable. It wasn't even Governor Grandma Killer rescinding his Grandma Killing order nope it was Greta

That's right our good friends at CNN have decided to put Greta on a panel of Coronavirus experts as Comfortably Smug tweets here:

Our own AsTheWorldBurnz was already on top this

While Masked Eric made a valid point

Ali23 seems to have gotten an advanced copy of her, I don't know, 'testimony?' I guess

Actual experts like the world's premiere American Second Civil War Historian Dr. Richard Harambe got in on the action

However our good friend Cox did point out that she is close to completing her studies

All joking aside it makes complete sense for CNN to have Greta on their panel going full Helen Lovejoy.

Rather than having someone like Dr. Nicole Saphier on who would point out facts like this

Because how can we get people agree to continue to be out of work in hopes of defeating "Orange Man Bad" in November if they realize we can open up the economy and protect the most vulnerable?


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