• Nero

We're Living a Super Villain Origin Story

Nothing fuels my black heart quite like seeing the left turn their backs on one of their favorites. Despite being seen as the best chance for creating new green energy sources, Elon Musk has come under fire from the left as of late, as Flappr previously chronicled here.

Already facing the ire from those who want everyone to live in fear of the 'Rona because "Orange Man Bad," Elon Musk has now received public support from that very same Bad Orange Man.

Which was predictably met with

Jeff Tiedrich responded as he is known to do, with his partisan angle:

Apparently Jeff was unaware that Elon Musk has already said he will be on the assembly line in the plant that he is opening against government orders

It would seem, if nothing else, that the way the left has reacted to the Covid Crisis has done nothing other than make Elon Musk an ally of the man he famously said "screwed him." So I have to ask the left, "do you want billionaire super villains?" Because this is how you get billionaire super villains. For the record I do want billionaire super villains.