We Owe The Left Nothing

“Decency!” “Norms!” “Rules!” “Unity!“ Each day we hear these platitudes spit in our faces by the same people that actively flout those sentiments. For years, we heard every crazy crackpot theory on Russia and how they influenced and stole the 2016 election for Trump but now YouTube has decreed that if you mention fraud in the 2020 election the video will be removed. No warning. No “this is in dispute”. They will straight up remove it. Ignore every hearing. Ignore every affidavit filed. You will be silenced for discussing it. I’m not angry about election irregularities. I’m angry that the side that supposedly stands for “liberal” values is now actively engaged in censoring speech which used to be a core tenant of the left. I’m angry at the sheer hypocrisy of these people. “Rules for thee but not for me.”

Joe Biden was apparently the best the Democrats had to offer. This is the most corrupt piece of swamp trash that will ever assume the office. He absolutely has used his 50 years of “public service” to enrich him and his family. He used leverage to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who had the audacity to investigate a corrupt energy company on which his son Hunter Biden was a board member. He flew Hunter on Air Force 2 to China to make private equity deals. He will most likely be the first President to begin his Presidency with not one – but possibly two special councils. The first special counsel is investigating the abuse caused by the Obama administration to kneecap the incoming Trump campaign. Possibly the second will be the DOJ investigation into Hunter Biden for money laundering, tax evasion, and corruption.

We have a leftist media that actively engages in lies and falsehoods. We were told by prominent sources before the election that the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation. He wasn’t being investigated. He’s not corrupt. You’re a conspiracy theorist if you believe these things. Only then after the election do we find out that he’s been under an investigation that started in 2018. The idea that this won’t somehow blowback on a Biden presidency is ridiculous. An even more ridiculous assumption is that we should treat the mainstream media other than the absolute gutter trash that they are. Sorry, CNN. Sorry, MSNBC. You really are the enemy of the people. I’m not being hyperbolic. When you treat your fellow citizens with such contempt and malice that you will outright lie about events because you want to push a political narrative then you really are an enemy to the American public.

The left loves to make rules for you that don’t apply to them. Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi, London Breed, Lori Lightfoot, and Eric Garcetti are just a small list of Democrat politicians that make rules that you must obey only then to break those rules themselves. Pelosi can visit a hair salon but you can’t. Riots are ok in your neighborhood but if you get too close to Mayor Lightfoot’s home the police will block the street. The rules don’t apply to them but you must submit. You must obey.

Hey everybody - the Office of the President-Elect does not exist! My blood boils each day that I see Biden in front of a sign that says it. It is outright propaganda and disinformation to have a graphic like that. I have no issues with Biden saying he will most likely be the next President but “The Office of the President-Elect”? Sorry, you have gone too far.

I’ve been reading a lot of people on the right that are upset about the Texas vs Pennsylvania lawsuit that was recently lodged for the Supreme Court. “You’ll disenfranchise millions!” they scream. “It’s an absolute stain on the Constitution!” Oh yeah? Let me ask you a question - what are we holding on to? An absolutely corrupt political class that enriches themselves from their “service”? Politicians that make rules that will diminish your capacity to make a living while they can still enjoy dinners at restaurants like The French Laundry? A media establishment that outright lies and then spits in your face when they finally tell you the truth?

Here’s the truth – we don’t owe our current system anything. It’s broken. I give very small merit to the idea that SCOTUS would even hear the newest lawsuit let alone turn it over but if they did – who cares? Some states clearly broke the constitution by allowing the executive and judicial branches to make rules for the elections rather than the state legislatures as is required in the Constitution. It is against the Constitution for Governor Wolf and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to decide the rules of the elections. It is not up to the Michigan Secretary of State to decide what remedy will be given to cure a ballot. If the Supreme Court decided those states are contested and can’t be certified and we went to a contingent election what exactly are we losing? At least this way we’re still obeying the Constitution rather than letting people willfully ignore it. Why should we allow states to break the Constitution and get away with it? If we do that, our system is already over. At least a contingent election has some credibility to it.

Yeah, the Bear has gone full doomer. I’ve made peace with either election outcome at this point and that’s freeing in many ways. I continue to think a Biden presidency will be damaging to the Democrat brand. I also think if SCOTUS overturned the results and Trump was re-elected in a contingent election while blue cities in blue states burned because they won’t enforce law and order then I’m ok with that, too. Let the chips fall where they may.